is promlily legit?

Is Promlily Legit? – Promlily Updated Review 2022

Promlily is an affordable online wedding shopping site you can find. On this shopping website, you can get wedding dresses, evening dresses, and many more for as low as USD 150. That’s how Promlily gets customers’ attention. But is it legit?

Is Promlily a legal website?

First, let’s have a look at its URL. We find that Promlily’s URL starts with “HTTPS” and that means all information you share with this site is safe. Second, this site also offers secure payment methods with authentication like credit cards and Paypal.

Therefore, we can say that Promlily is a legit website. If there are negative reviews from the customers, most of the problems are that they are not satisfied with the clothing size offered on this site.

Here are the reasons why we decide to say that Promlily is a legit website:

  1. They have a domain name that has been registered for over a year in advance.
  2. They have a valid SSL certificate.
  3. It is a trusted site by Trend Micro.
  4. It has some positive reviews.

For those reasons, we have no doubt that Promlily is actually legit. But what do customers say about this shopping site? Let’s find out their reviews below!

Promlily’s customer reviews

  • Rita Adams: 

Not recommended! I bought a dress from them but it didn’t fit my chest. I asked if I could return it, but they refused although the return policy said I could return it because it wasn’t a customized order. Instead, they kept offering me to buy an additional garment for 15% off! What am I supposed to do, fix the dress by myself? Also, their customer service took ages to respond. Very disappointing. Don’t buy anything from this site. 

  • Bethany Williams:

I’ve been trying to return a dress for weeks now and all I get is an automatic reply email saying that there’s nothing they can do! The dress doesn’t fit me well, it is badly done and not like what I expected. This shopping site is illegal and needs to shut down! 

  • Eileen Moore:

This is a scam, someone needs to shut this site down! It took ages to receive my dress, and it didn’t fit although I ordered my size. When I tried to return it because of the size problem, they asked me to send a picture as proof and even asked for my body measurements! What a hassle just to get the right dress size. Now I’m disputing the charge on my credit card. All of this should not be happen if only they sent just the right dress in the right size.

  • Sharon Mills:

Do not buy from them, it’s a total waste of money and time. The dress is different from the picture shown on the website, it doesn’t have any tags and smells awful. If you try to return the dress, they will ask you to send pictures and your measurements. Don’t think to request a refund, they will refuse it, and you won’t get your money back from them. If you want to get your money back, please dispute the claim with your credit card company and the bank will do the refund.

  • Linda Hall:

I bought a dress and shoes from the website, they look good in the picture. But when they arrived, they are horrible! Very bad quality, they’re different from the pictures I saw. So horrible I spent 230 on trash! So disappointed I’m crying now! Hope this review will help others to NOT buy products from Promlily. Do not fall for the pictures they show on the webpage, they are very different from what you will receive.

  • Sydney Strike:

Waited for ages just to receive a very cheap and torn dress! The dress is not like the displayed picture on their website. This is my worst experience with buying dresses online and totally just a waste of time and money. The customer service is the worst. I’ve been going back and forth for weeks and I get nothing. They won’t let me return the dress and offer me a discount for something else instead. They don’t even follow their own return policy! What a joke! For the worst product and awful customer service, I’d give them a 0 rating if I can.

  • Christina Lang:

Wasted $150 because of this site! The dress was received weeks after the guaranteed delivery date. It was so awful because I needed the dress for an event and the dress came long after the event had passed. Customer service was horrible and not helping at all. When the dress finally arrived, it came in a bad condition. The packaging was horrible, only a plastic wrap and the dress was just a crumble inside the plastic. Worst online shopping experience. Do not buy from them.

Are Promlily’s dresses good?

There are many user reviews saying that Promlily’s clothes are of poor quality. Some complain about the size, some say the dresses look different from the display picture on the website.

The reviews are not from Promlily’s official site, so we can say these reviews are more authentic.

Where does Promlily ship the dresses from?

The user reviews say they waited weeks for the clothes to arrive. The clothes are cheap and of poor quality. We’re sure that they ship the dresses from China, although we don’t think people in China would wear such poor quality dresses.

What does Promlily sell?

They mainly sell wedding dresses, prom dresses, evening dresses, jewelry, shoes, accessories, and many more.

What is Promlily’s location?

You can find from the website that they are located in Longdon, England. The detailed address is Forstreet London Ltd, 238 Hedge Lane, Palmers Green. It is specifically stated that it is not a return address.

Promlily’s delivery time and shipping cost

There are a lot of Promlily’s customers complaining about how long it takes for the product to arrive, even longer than the delivery time they guaranteed. Customers said they had to wait for weeks to receive the dresses they ordered.

We understand that delivery time consists of order processing and shipping time. We learn that at Promlily, the order processing takes about 12 to 14 days, and the shipping takes somewhere between 3 and 8 days. So in total, they need 15 to 22 days to deliver the products.

How about the shipping cost? Apparently, customers in the US need to pay an additional shipping fee of $22.

What does Promlily’s return policy say?

Many customers complain that Promlily’s customer service didn’t follow their own return policy in their responses to return requests from the customers.

We learn that Promlily’s return policy says that the buyer needs to contact their customer service within 7 days of the purchase date to return the product. 

The policy also mentions the conditions for return as follows:

  • Issues on clothing size.
  • The package is broken.
  • Unmatched color.

The additional information on the return policy says that Promlily can’t do any product exchanges at the moment. They say that all products are made-to-order and that there are no products ready for shipment they want to exchange. They also say that buyers will need to return the unwanted products, if eligible, and place a new order for the replacement.

Promlily’s return process

Promlily’s return process is as follows:

  1. Submitting a return request by contacting customer service within 14 days after receiving the order. The customer will need to send pictures and explain the reasons for return.
  2. Promlily will provide a return address and a product return form to the customer. The customer will need to send the product and form in 3 – 5 days.
  3. Promlily will check the returned product and will decide if the refund is approved. If approved, the refund will take 10-15 business days to be credited to the customer’s account.
  4. Promlily will not refund the fee for product shipping and returning shipping.

Note: Promlily has the right to refuse the refund if the product is returned in unacceptable condition.


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