Your chances of winning a car accident case depend on the data your lawyer has. Here are motor vehicle crash documents to have when meeting your lawyer.

Motor Vehicle Crash Documents to Have When Meeting Your Lawyer

Each year, approximately six million car accidents occur in the United States. A car accident will not only damage your vehicle, but it may also cause emotional, physical, and financial distress.

You may become discombobulated and bewildered in the days and weeks following the accident. A car accident lawyer can assist you in getting the compensation you deserve and ensure that your best interests are protected.

When you meet with your attorney, you should bring certain motor vehicle crash documents with you to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible. Keep reading, and we’ll take you through all you need to understand to be ready.

A Copy of Police Report

Usually, when a car accident happens, you should call the police to come to the accident scene. The police must then collect all the relevant information and use it to create an accident report. Among the information to be recorded in the report include:

• Police opinion on what caused the accident

• Diagram showing crashing of vehicles at the scene of an accident

• Statements from witnesses, drivers, and passengers

Though an investigation is essential in determining what really went wrong at the time of the accident, a copy of the police report will provide your lawyer with a foundation to begin an investigation.

To obtain a copy of the police report that has the information about the accident, you will need to provide the following information:

• Name of law enforcement officers called to the scene

• Date of the accident, and

• Location of the accident

The police report can become critical. This is especially true when making a personal injury claim.

Tickets or Citations

In some cases, one or more drivers involved in an accident may receive traffic tickets if the driver is found to have been; drunk, using the phone, overspeeding, or driving in an unsafe manner.

Presenting any tickets or citations related to a car accident to your lawyer will help them prepare for a strong argument against the citations. Your lawyer will also explain why the ticket issued may not prove any liability for the accident.

Information Exchanged After at an Accident Scene

When your car is involved in an accident, you must record all the information at the scene. Some of the details that you need to record include:

• Name of the drivers

• Name of other persons involved in an accident

• Insurance information

• License plate number

• Physical address

• Email address

• Drivers telephone numbers, among others

You need to exchange the above information with the other parties involved at the accident scene. These recordings have many benefits, that include helping your lawyer do a proper accident investigation.

Copy of Insurance Policy

It is also important you show your lawyer a copy of your insurance policy.

Insurance policy is very crucial when it comes to car accident settlement lawsuits. You must also hand over proof of insurance premium and also proof of payments.

By doing so, your lawyer will be able to determine what type of insurance cover you have. Furthermore, your lawyer will point out the damages you may and may not be entitled to compensation and how your insurance will handle the claim.

Handing over these documents will be solid evidence that you have a fully paid and valid insurance policy.

Medical Records and Costs

Remember to keep all your medical receipts, even for a minor injury, that you may pay out of pocket or through your Health Savings Account (HSA).

You must also remember to show medical records to your lawyer to see the medical treatment you sought after the crash and underlying health issues before the crash.

Medical records act as the foundation for your medical damages claim. These documents also prove your car crash injuries, your treatment expenses, and how you are recovering, among other details.

Accident Photographs

It would be best never to forget to take pictures or videos of an accident scene. Also, take your time to record hard evidence that should include:

• How the vehicle body is damaged

• Marking signs on the road

• Damages on other vehicles

• Location proof photos, and

• Photos of the weather condition at the time of an accident

Your insurance company can also send a representative to the accident scene to take photos. If you cannot take the pictures, you can ask your lawyer to contact the insurance company and get the images collected.

Some roads might also have cameras that record traffic patterns. If the accident happened near one of the cameras, you can acquire the recordings and use them to prove your case.

Pay and Work Records

Your medical cost is not the only damage you incur due to an accident.

Sometimes, work wages may be lost due to accident-related damages. It is thus essential you bring your pay stubs to show what you would have been paid if you continued to work and the much you will lose as you continue to recover.

You need to provide a copy of proof of lost work wages, or else you forfeit the much-needed money during the difficult recovery time.

You Now Know the Right Motor Vehicle Crash Documents to Show Your Lawyer

By now, you know the motor vehicle crash documents that you need to show to your lawyer. These documents will help your lawyer prepare for a court battle. When it comes to fighting for your rights and restitution, no piece of evidence should be ignored.

Though other many documents can support your car accident case, the discussed are the most important ones. Still, winning an auto car accident case will require you to hire an experienced motor vehicle accident lawyer.

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