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Living in Hong Kong: 5 Tips and Secrets You Need to Know

Are you one of the many who dream of a life in Hong Kong? It’s hard to blame you!

It is hardly surprising that over 65 million people visit Hong Kong annually, given that it is one of the most well-known tourist destinations in Asia and a significant center for global finance. Hong Kong is known as one of the most exciting places on earth, and with everything from shopping to world-class cuisine, it’s hard to get bored in this city.

While moving to Hong Kong is not impossible, it does require many steps. If you have not already done so, you need to first make sure that this is the right time for you to relocate.

From here, you’ll want to begin thinking about visas, schools, housing, and anything else that might slow down your smooth transition into this fantastic city. To help, here are five tips and secrets you’ll need to know about living in Hong Kong.

1. Exploring the Diverse Cuisine Scene

Hong Kong provides a unique, diverse cuisine scene with various restaurants and eateries found all around the city. With its vibrant culinary energy, it’s a great place to try out different regional Chinese dishes and enjoy the mix of Cantonese flavors. It is recommended to look for the many local eateries around the city to experience the true flavors of Hong Kong.

From dim sums to roasted goose, these establishments serve various dishes that you should try. Online reviews and blogs help explore the best restaurants for trying out local food. Open-air food markets are an interesting and unique way to sample food from various cultures and regions.

So make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity. With these tips and secrets, you can pick the best eateries to explore Hong Kong’s diverse cuisine scene.

2. The Lowdown on Accommodation

Hong Kong’s property market is one of the most expensive in the world, and accommodation can be difficult to come by. Renting is usually the best and most affordable option, but it is important to remember that rent can be very high and property can be difficult to find. Try to search for apartments in less crowded areas, or outside the city center, and not those listed in popular rental publications.

Negotiating with landlords for a better price is not uncommon, so take the initiative to haggle and save a few bucks. Look out for shared apartments, as they are often very affordable. Living in a student dormitory or hostel can save you a lot of money.

It is one of the best ways to save money while living in Hong Kong if you’re only there for a short period of time. Pay attention to added monthly costs, such as utilities, as they can add up quickly.

3. A Peek at the Culture and People of Hong Kong

To get a glimpse of the locals’ culture and people, head to one of the many markets, or explore the streets. Taking the traditional paths of sightseeing allows you to better understand the city’s history and character and get to know those who call it home. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the language, as more citizens tend to speak English and the local Cantonese language.

There are also great places to mingle and get in touch with the locals. Try to be mindful of traditions and culture, such as being respectful in speech and not wearing offensive clothing.

Make sure to observe public holidays and respect the customs of this vibrant city – it’ll help you blend in and become part of Hong Kong culture. Explore the city during the cooler months of the year, or take some time off to explore its nearby islands, from lush hills to pristine coasts.

4. Working and Doing Business In Hong Kong

Networking is key. As individuals will usually base decisions on who they know, it is important to mingle and make connections. Be prepared to exhibit patience and persistence, as many businesses often take a while to be established.

Make sure to be aware of the different business expectations for making agreements in Hong Kong. Research the Hong Kong business community and stay updated on any changes that may affect how the business should be conducted.

When you move to Hong Kong and work, you will be granted a personal tax allowance, which can help to offset some of your tax liabilities. You may find these tax services here that can help you understand and make the most of the tax incentives available in Hong Kong. By keeping all these tips and secrets in mind, you will build and sustain a successful business in Hong Kong.

5. Utilizing Hong Kong’s World-Class Transportation System

Hong Kong’s world-class transportation system is one of the main benefits of living in the city. Utilizing Hong Kong’s transportation system can save time and money and provide a hassle-free way of getting around the city. Using an Octopus card will save you time and money, allowing you to access buses, trains, and ferries at a discounted rate.

By tapping the card for every ride, you’ll be able to receive discounts while using the services. MTR is an efficient way to get around and save on fares; consider using an all-day pass or an Airport Express ticket. Taking the bus can be a good alternative to the MTR due to its low price, but beware of crowds during rush hour.

Downloading the two HK Travel apps, HK EasyTaxi and CityBus HK, will give you easy access and instant updates about buses, mini-buses, and ferries. Try to plan your trips ahead of time. The Star Ferry and Victoria Peak Tram will provide an amazing experience, with the latter being a popular tourist attraction.

The Wonders of Living in Hong Kong

Living in Hong Kong is full of wonderful surprises. With the help of these tips and secrets, anyone can enjoy their stay and take full advantage of all the benefits. Make sure to take the time to explore all the cultures and opportunities Hong Kong has to offer.

Whatever it is, you’re bound to find it here on our site. Take a look around for all the useful tips you need for your trip today!


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