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Are Airbag Control Modules Worth the Investment?

Airbag control modules are responsible for deploying your car’s airbags during a collision and recording crash data. They also monitor and keep track of other car sensors in your vehicle and store all that information.

If your airbag light is on or your airbags haven’t deployed during a collision, you need to get your airbag module reset. However, resetting them can be tricky and lengthy, and you may need to code the new module to your vehicle’s VIN.


Airbag control modules are a vital part of your car’s safety system. These small components take in data from the airbags, seat belt pre-tensioners, and adaptive load-limiting retractors, determining whether or not to deploy them in an accident. They also analyze the severity of the crash and record important information for technicians to review.

A bad airbag control module can have catastrophic consequences in a serious accident. To ensure these sensors work correctly, a certified technician should perform SRS repairs and replacements immediately.

In addition to monitoring airbags, the module also collects and analyzes data from other car sensors. For example, it monitors throttle position and brake usage to determine if a collision is occurring. It also records seat belt usage and information about the speed of the vehicle’s movement.

The airbag computer control module is typically located underneath the driver’s seat or near the steering wheel. However, it can also be found under the kick panel, behind the radio, or in the center console.

Although many DIYers have attempted to replace an airbag control module, a professional should only handle this job. A defective airbag control module can cause the airbags and seat belts to fail, putting the driver and passengers at risk of injury or death in an accident.


Located underneath the driver’s or front passenger’s seat, the airbag control module is an important component of your car’s safety system. It reads data from various sensors and uses the information to determine whether airbags should deploy, record seat belt use, and keep track of airbag and safety belt pre-tensioner deployments.

It also stores the time it takes for the airbag to inflate, which is vital for keeping passengers safe. If the airbag is triggered too early or too late, it won’t do much to help a person in an accident. To be safe, your airbag must start within 30 to 35 milliseconds of the collision.

The airbag control module is also the key to determining which passengers need protection in a collision. It takes in the data from its inputs and decides if and how many airbags should be deployed, which sensors need to activate, and what impact force is needed to trigger them.

The airbag module can store hard and soft crash codes and data regarding your car’s speed. If the airbag light is on, this could indicate that the impact sensor has been damaged or malfunctioning. These modules also can shut off the fuel supply, unlock doors, and turn on your hazard lights, as well.


Airbags are any vehicle’s most critical safety feature, and they’re only as effective as reliable. The airbag control module is responsible for ensuring that the system functions correctly. It receives data from various sensors and decides whether or not the airbags need to be deployed. It’s also responsible for determining the time-to-fire, which is how long it takes for the airbag to deploy after a crash.

The airbag control module monitors car sensors and communicates with other modules on a network. These networks minimize wiring and increase the flexibility of the airbag system. The airbag control module can also save a record of seat belt use and collision events.

The airbag control module simulates different conditions and responses using a scripting language. This allows for accurate duplication of tests, reuse of test components, and automated testing.

When you’re in an accident, there is a high chance your airbag control module will get wet or damaged. If this happens, it will need to be replaced. Buying a used module from a dealership is expensive and time-consuming.

MyAirbags offers a faster, cheaper solution to the problem: we reset your airbag control module for $49 and can repair locked seat belt pretensioners as well. Unlike the dealer, we don’t have to code your new airbag control module to your VIN, which can save you additional time and money.


Airbag control modules, also known as airbag sensors, computer modules, or diagnostic units, are vital to the airbag system. They extract data from multiple crash sensors and decide if the impact warrants the deployment of the airbags.

The airbag module constantly monitors all the circuits and components for correct functionality. It looks for any electrical tolerances that are out of spec, primarily in resistance measurements, although other electrical heights like capacitance can also be measured. This helps detect system faults and alerts the driver via an airbag warning light.

Most modern vehicles have a built-in Event Data Recorder (EDR) within the airbag module or powertrain. This will record information about the car and occupants briefly before, during, and after an accident. The EDR is often retrieved by crash response personnel and can provide crucial evidence to determine what caused the accident.

Generally, replacing or swapping airbag modules from one car to another needs to be revised. Unless the used module has been properly reset, it could fail during an accident and lead to lethal malfunction. This is because the module must be programmed for the specific VIN of the vehicle. 


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