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How to Have Better Sex: 5 Tips for Men

There’s nothing hotter and more exciting than getting completely naked and sharing your body with a woman you find attractive. Sadly, several men have hangups, problems, or downright shyness that robs them of achieving this bliss in their everyday lives. 

More than 30% of men today will deal with premature ejaculation. Many others suffer performance anxiety. 

If you’re trying to get the most out of your sex life, we’ve got the advice that you’re looking for. Read below if you’re looking for tips on how to have better sex. 

1. Meditate and Get in Touch With Your Body

None of the sex tips for men matter without you being comfortable in your skin. The deeper you build this comfort, the easier and more fully you are able to share yourself with a sex partner. 

Meditation and healthy masturbation are excellent ways to build this confidence and familiarity. Set your timer for 10 minutes daily and just breathe. 

This keeps you in the moment and teaches you not to panic or get anxious when it’s time for sex. Avoid porn, and instead learn to get in touch with your own body. Train yourself to feel pleasure and not just go for an ejaculation. 

When your body and mind are trained, you’ll become an open and giving lover. 

2. Take Control and Stay Attentive

Develop a dominant mindset and you’ll always knock a woman’s socks off in the bedroom. This just means to firmly take control, while being attentive to her pleasures as she guides you toward what’s working. 

Be open and decisive as you change positions, while attentive to what will heighten the energy. Building this sustained confidence also helps if you’re trying to figure out how to last longer. 

Men are problem solvers and often become so technique-oriented that they become robots in the bedroom. Instead, get in touch with your energy and open your awareness and heart to the moment so that you can fully express yourself. 

3. … But Learn Some Techniques!

With that said, never neglect technique! Become a constant learner as you add more tips for better sex to your toolkit. 

Mix in some Taoist strokes to build ecstasy in the bedroom and send your sex partners into a stratosphere of orgasmic bliss. This technique involves mixing in short, shallow strokes with deep, full strokes. Start with nine shallow strokes about an inch into her vulva, followed by one deep stroke, sinking your penis as deep as it will go. 

Then pull back and go with eight shallow strokes and two deep strokes, and so on. After getting to ten deep strokes, start your count over again. You’ll be such a tease and a sexual master at the same time. 

4. Work on Penis Control and Cardio

The only way you’ll be able to have hours of passionate sex is by being able to last as long as you want. Penis control comes with deep breathing and learning to hold back once you’re about to ejaculate. 

Mix this newfound penis control in with plenty of cardiovascular exercise so that you’re never down for the count due to being winded. When you’re in control of your penis and your body, you can freely mix in any fun sex ideas that tickle your fancy. 

You can also check out this complete guide to getting more blood flow to your favorite organ. 

5. Get Vocal in the Bedroom

Don’t keep your mouth shut during sex! Many women value the connection that comes with verbal communication while you’re inside. 

Some kinky dirty talk is excellent for spicing things up in the bedroom, in addition to verbalizing what you like and encouraging more of it. Plenty of compliments on how beautiful her body looks will keep things hot and passionate for as long as you’re enjoying each other. 

Learn How to Have Better Sex

These five tips will teach you how to have better sex so that it improves your sex and love life. Every man deserves to attain sexual mastery, and these tips will send you on a journey. 

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