Did you know that not all window companies are created equal these days? Here's how simple it is to choose the best home window installer in your local area.
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How to Choose the Best Home Window Installer in Your Local Area

The window installation industry has grown 0.8% in the past five years. While that may not seem like a huge number, it’s a sure sign things are slowly creeping up — meaning you have plenty of choices when it comes to choosing a home window installer!

With so many good ones around — a lot of whom are likely in your area — how do you narrow down the best one for you?

Here’s how to choose the best window company.

1. Ask for Recommendations

When looking for any service or product, the first thing most people do is ask their family and friends for recommendations. They might have had a great experience getting home replacement windows and be able to tell you about a company to look into.

They might even have had a terrible one and be able to tell you who to avoid!

It’s important to do your research even asking for recommendations from those you trust, but this will give you a good jumping point. 

2. Read Reviews

Reading reviews from those who’ve had windows and doors replaced by the same company is essential.

You can see reviews on platforms like Google, Yelp, and Facebook, and the main thing you’ll want is an overall good rating. If a company has above four stars with a wealth of reviews to make up that score, it’s generally a good sign.

You can also dive further into the specifics and read both the high and low reviews to see what was great about the company for some, and what wasn’t so great. 

Doing this will give you a very clear picture of how the company has performed in the past. 

3. Consider Their Schedule

Getting residential windows replaced can, unfortunately, be a bit disruptive to your home life and there’s no avoiding this. You might have kids that you need to get out of the way or pets who might escape and be stressed that you need to find something to do with.

All of this means you might need the windows replaced on a specific day. You might even have a deadline that you need the service performed by.

Consider all of this before committing to a company. You’ll want to make sure they’re available when you need the job done because otherwise, there’s no point in considering anything else with them.

4. Consider the Quote

The quote is one of the most important things about getting any service done because you need to make sure that service is within your budget. Any smart homeowner gets a quote before work is started!

However, don’t automatically go with the cheapest quote and call it a day. Inexperienced companies with bad reviews might do the work cheaper because they have to.

Instead, consider the quote along with everything else to make sure the company is also a good one. This might mean not going with the cheapest, but balance is important! 

5. Read the Website

Although website design is a far-off industry from window installation, the website should at least look professional and have the information laid out clearly. Look at Window Medics for a great example of this!

A nice, clean website gives off a great impression of the company and it makes it easier to find the information you need. You can see what kind of service they provide, all of the contact information, the service area, and might even be able to find some customer testimonials to reassure you about the great job they do. 

6. Ask About Experience

Although newer companies may have very little experience and be just as dedicated to the craft that they’re involved in, if you want to be extra sure that a good job will be done on your house, go with an experienced company.

If you can’t find the information on their website, it’s fine to ask them about their experience.

When inviting anyone into your home to perform a service, any good company will understand that you want to be sure they’re the right choice.

If the people installing windows have a good few years behind them and a great track record, it’s a good sign that they’ll do a great job. 

7. Consider Their Communication

The last thing you should consider is their communication.

You don’t want to invite someone into your home that you’re not comfortable with. If they seem rude or abrupt, reconsider.

They should also be able to get back to you in a timely manner when you contact them. Although they might be busy with other clients, they shouldn’t take many days to answer a simple question. If this is the case, you might want to rethink. 

You should feel that you can trust them when you talk to them. If you dread the communication, they may not be the right fit for you. 

You should also consider the method of communication itself. Do they email, text, call? You might have a strong preference for one of these, so check that they can accommodate if this is the case!

This is How to Choose a Home Window Installer

Ultimately, you should consider all of these things when choosing a home window installer. Make sure they communicate in a friendly and professional manner, have an up-to-date website, good reviews, and a reasonable schedule and cost.

If you balance all of these things, you can’t go wrong in choosing a window installation company that will do a great job in your home.

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