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6 Great Reasons To Choose Not-For-Profit Health Insurance In The Hunter Valley

Australians have always loved the outdoor life. It is the perfect backdrop for those who look to become healthier and fitter. While it is a great way to look after both body and mind, it can also have similar dangers in everyday life.


Accidents often happen when they are least expected. Then there might be things going on in the body that a person is not initially aware of, but growing pains or symptoms lead them heading to the doctor for a check-up. It is crucial that everyone is covered for such unfortunate occurrences, and there is no better way for those living in a region of NSW than taking out Hunter Valley private health insurance for 6 great reasons.

  1. What better way to ensure good health than by taking out insurance through a not-for-profit company that ploughs back any excess cash into their services and local community so that everyone benefits? Forget faceless shareholders collecting dividends on the back of hard-working policyholders. Why should they benefit when local people can instead?
  2. The affordable policies are put in place by a company that has been in existence since 1952, offering peace of mind to all customers that they are no fly-by-night concern. It was initially set up to take care of those in the mining industry and their families, with their caring philosophy continuing to the present day. Some who take advantage of the available schemes may assist their health with exercises that can create a stronger core.
  3. Nowadays, it doesn’t matter what anyone’s profession is, as all are welcome to join the schemes. All are guaranteed to be provided with the best possible service and coverage for the best available price so that the organisation continues to attract new members. The excellent customer service provides peace of mind with no confusing jargon so that each policyholder understands what they are getting for their money.
  4. There is a choice of three policies with each providing their own options. The hospital cover caters for everything a member could require, depending on which services they feel that they require. Extras cover is for all those ailments that catch up with age, such as dental, optical, therapies, artificial aids as well as general health management.
  5. Ambulance cover is a fantastic idea for those who feel they are in great health, maybe at a younger age, but enjoy pursuits that may lead to injury, such as bicycle riding or playing sports. Requiring transport to hospital can be a costly business without such cover. A problem might occur if out hiking in a national park.
  6. Quotes are easy to receive either online or by telephone, with experts waiting to offer help with advice and guidance. Having health insurance means no long waits or prohibitive bills. 


Becoming a policyholder of insurance obtained from a not-for-profit, member-owned company provides the correct cover offering outstanding value for money and an excellent service while benefitting the local community.


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