When Does It Usually Make Sense to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

An accident can happen in an instant and hurt you before you know it. Whether the damage is physical, mental, emotional, or any combination of those, someone has to take responsibility.

Whether the person who caused the accident owns up to their mistake doesn’t change the fact that you need to be compensated fairly. And it is compensation that you need to fight for if necessary. 

Every case is different, and there are often warning signs that you need a personal injury attorney on your side. Here’s your guide to those signs and what you should do with them when they come. 

Denial of Responsibility  

If the person responsible for your accident is not taking responsibility for your injuries, you need a personal injury lawyer to investigate your claim, collect evidence, and prove that the other party is liable. 

Establishing responsibility in an accident is a crucial task that can only be done by an expert, such as a personal injury lawyer. However, these professionals will also have their specialties.

For example, if you had a motor accident, you need a car accident lawyer. If you had an injury during medical treatment, you need a medical malpractice lawyer. 

Receiving an Unfair Settlement or None at All

If the insurance company is not giving you the personal injury settlement you are entitled to, then an attorney can help you get the compensation you need. They can also help you if you are having trouble getting the insurance company to pay your claim. 

Sometimes, insurers will give you the runaround in an effort to evade their obligations. This is another serious reason you should hire a lawyer to help you. 

Long-Term Medical Treatment  

If your accident has led you to be hospitalized, undergo surgery, require physical therapy, or obtain other types of ongoing treatment, then you want a lawyer to ensure that the responsible party compensates you for these costs.

Loss of Income

If your accident caused you to lose your income, such as your salary or profits from a business you owned and operated before your accident, then you need a personal accident attorney to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Being Sued by the Other Party

When you are injured in an accident, the other party may try to sue you in order to avoid financial responsibility.

If this happens, you should hire a personal injury lawyer not only to build a strong defense but also to fight for compensation.

Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney vs. Filing a DIY Claim 

Many people who try to negotiate their own settlements end up getting much less than they should. A personal injury attorney will ensure you get what you’re supposed to as provided by the law. 

You can also receive damages for pain and suffering, which are not always available in DIY settlements. Very importantly, you can build and file your case before the legal deadline, called the statute of limitations, expires. 

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