5 Reasons Why Bus Travel To Philly Is Better Than Flying

When planning to travel to Philadelphia from somewhere like New York City, flying could be the first way of transportation you might consider. However, there are many reasons why you might want to book bus tickets rather than a flight.

A bus ride might take longer, but you could be able to save some money and enjoy a less stressful traveling experience. You might also be able to make your travels more sustainable and take in the sights on the way. Overall, traveling by bus could allow you to get to Philly with confidence while saving you precious money! Here are the reasons why bus travel is better than flying.

It’s Better For The Environment

Based on the expert’s recommendations, flying less can reduce your carbon pollution by up to 50% each year! If you can avoid even one long-distance return flight each year, then this should save lots of C02 from entering the atmosphere. While buses, especially non-electric buses, will still contribute to pollution, it won’t be anywhere near as close as flying, or even driving yourself.

Therefore, choosing to take the bus rather then fly will be the better choice for the environment. More people are electing to not fly for the sake of the climate, and while there is no right choice in this, it certainly may help you feel better about travelling. Not to mention, taking the bus also means you will avoid airports, just as an added bonus!

More Reliable Services

While no one is saying that buses and planes are exactly comparable, they do both still have the same purpose; to get you from point A to point B. With planes however, the weather can have a much more direct influence on services, especially in certain countries and states. Heavy rain and winds can delay flights by hours, and even lead to cancellations. While bus drivers would prefer sunny weather, they will usually be fine driving in these conditions.

All in all, this means that bus travel leads to more reliable services. It’s also worth mentioning that there are plenty of bus routes to Philly out of NYC. And while bus rides take more time than flying, they can be much more cost effective and reliable. When you take a bus from NYC to Philly with Wanderu, you might be able to enjoy your adventure in peace

You Can See More Of The Country

When flying to Philly out of New York City, you will certainly save time compared to driving on the roads or taking the bus, but you won’t be able to take in the sights! At least, you won’t get a very good look from the skies.

When you take the bus, it allows you to get a better look at some of the sights that are around, and allows you to even stop off and see them more up close. This isn’t just the case for the NYC to Philly route, but all bus journeys in general will allow you to see more of the country during the long commute. Even the short journeys give you this, no matter what route you’re taking in the states.

It’s A More Relaxed Way To Travel

We touched on this above, but taking the bus rather than taking the plane means that you can successfully avoid the airport. For the most part, airports can be incredibly stressful to go through, from the long waits, to having to get through security. Lots of travellers are also anxious in airports, and about flying in general.

This won’t always be the case, but it’s fair to say that the bus station will be a lot calmer than an airport. When it comes to the actual transportation as well, it’s fair to say that buses are usually a more relaxed experience. While it can vary from airline to airline, they are known for being uncomfortable and being squished in. You are likely to have more sitting space in a bus, and less people around you in general.

Consider Traveling By Bus More Often

In conclusion, you can see that bus travel might bring many benefits compared to flying, even for a short distance such as NYC to Philly. While the obvious benefits of cost-saving are prevalent, you might be able to make your travels less stressful and take the opportunity to relax on the way, as an added bonus.

Embracing bus transportation might help you to stay more independent in the later years of your life and enjoy occasional travel. The next time you are looking to head to Philly out of NYC, consider taking the bus rather than flying. If nothing else, try to do your part for the environment, and contribute less to C02 emissions.


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