5 Handy Tips for New Drivers

Getting your driver’s license is a momentous occasion, but now it’s time to start driving. Keeping yourself and your passengers safe is your job once you step behind the wheel.

Remember, you can never be too cautious or be too prepared when it comes to driving!

So, keep reading for five tips new drivers should know about. 

1. Turn Off Your Cell Phone

Phones nowadays allow you to connect wirelessly, letting you answer phone calls or change the music without picking up your phone. But, while the wireless connection allows you to keep your hands on the steering wheel, phone calls and text messages coming through can still be a distraction.

Consider turning your phone off (or just the sound!) to make sure the desire to look at your phone doesn’t become too strong.

2. Wear Your Seat Belt

Wearing your seatbelt is crucial to staying safe on the road. By wearing your seatbelt, and making sure your passengers do as well, you are protecting yourself and saving money. Not wearing a seatbelt is a ticket-able offense in many states, so don’t risk it.

Wearing a seatbelt is one of the most effective ways to save the lives of you and your passengers while also reducing injuries in accidents.

3. Slow Down

You’ve heard that speeding kills, but it isn’t always ridiculously high speeds that cause accidents. By even speeding slightly, you’re decreasing the amount of time you have to stop your car. Any crashes will also be worse, and the injuries as well, the faster you are going.

By keeping a steady speed, you’ll be able to keep distance between yourself and other cars, which will give you space in case of an emergency.

4. Take a Class

Driving classes aren’t just there for people that want to get their driver’s permit. There are driving classes, called defensive driving, that are specifically made for new drivers that help them plan for possible scenarios.

These classes help you:

  • Maintain awareness of the road and weather
  • Be aware of road users
  • Have an escape route in case of an emergency
  • Cut out distractions

5. Get an Auto Accident Attorney

Unfortunately, accidents happen and there isn’t always something you can do about it. Knowing how to choose the right auto accident attorney can make a big difference when it comes to getting everything sorted out as quickly as possible. 

Knowing who you’re going to call if you have an accident can take a lot of stress out of the situation.

Tips for New Drivers Made Easy

If you are a new driver, you don’t have to be scared to get behind the wheel of a car. By taking the needed precautions, you will be driving safely in no time. So remember to buckle up, and stay focused!

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