Luxurious Features to Consider for Your Bathroom Remodel
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5 Luxurious Features to Consider for Your Bathroom Remodel

Your bathroom remodel is an excellent opportunity to add luxury features that make your home feel like a resort. A freestanding tub looks beautiful and provides instant luxury in any bathroom. Consider a vintage clawfoot or a sleek minimalist modern design to complement your style.

A Touch of Elegance

Incorporating luxury upgrades like a two-person shower with accent tiling or a touchscreen intelligent shower system can transform your bathroom. These systems allow you to select and control your favorite playlist, music, and lighting while enjoying a spa-like shower experience. Decorative lighting, such as a chandelier in a changing area or sconces by the soaking tub, can add elegance to a bathroom remodeling San Diego design.

Even the hardware on cabinetry can be an opportunity for a luxury look. Choose pieces of art that work for the space, whether a simple sculpture, framed painting shielded by glass, or mosaic tile artwork. Incorporating a living element like a hydrangea or eucalyptus plant can also bring an elegant feel to a room.

Luxurious Materials

Nothing says luxury like the suitable materials, from your flooring to your bathtub and shower. Add a modern twist with waterproof speakers that sync to your playlist or digital shower controls to set the perfect temperature. Or try a freestanding tub in a unique material, like wood or copper, for a spa-like aesthetic.

Incorporate natural elements with large windows or skylights to flood the space with light during the day. Choose an elegant lighting plan for the evening with chandeliers and sconces to illuminate vanity mirrors. Custom cabinetry offers a range of style and color options that complement any design aesthetic and solve any storage needs. Add details like hidden charging drawers, premium-quality towels, and a spacious linen closet to elevate the room’s overall design.

Radiant Floor Heating

Unlike traditional heating systems that blow warm air through baseboards and ducts, radiant floor heating circulates hot water or electric resistance cables under the flooring. Then, the heated tiles or USA-made engineered hardwoods radiate the warmth into the room below. Whether you opt for a hydronic or electric-based system, the lack of ductwork makes it a simple upgrade for existing homes that can be done over existing flooring.

And it’s also a cost-effective option when added to new construction. Another modern feature that’s a must-have for luxury homebuilders is innovative technology. From motion sensor lighting to programmable thermostats to window treatments that open or close at sunrise and sunset, a luxury home isn’t complete without cutting-edge tech. These upscale additions enhance a property’s curb appeal and increase its marketability in the future.

Luxurious Lighting

A proper luxury bathroom includes unique accents that define your style. For example, upscale light fixture chandeliers feature strands-upon-strands of crystal to create an intricate, elegant, timeless look. Interior lighting can complement a room’s design theme — sleek chrome lights work well with a modern aesthetic, while ornate, crystal ceiling fixtures complement a more traditional look.

You can also add decorative sconces, wall washing, or perimeter lighting to illuminate the space and highlight its features. Luxury bathrooms also include modern amenities that help you relax and enjoy your space. For instance, innovative showering technology with multiple nozzles and temperature settings provides the ultimate spa experience. An intelligent toilet with self-cleaning and carbon air scrubber technology will keep your space clean without sacrificing comfort.

Modern Amenities

Bathrooms with all the modern utilities and amenities add a luxurious feel to a home. They also enhance a house’s value in the eyes of potential buyers and increase comfort for you and your family. For example, consider installing radiant floor heating to make stepping out of the shower or bathtub more comfortable and enjoyable.

Nothing beats the feeling of toasty feet! Other luxury touches elevating a bathroom include an improved lighting plan with a dimmer switch. This will help you create a relaxed ambiance while providing ample lighting for shaving or applying makeup. Although installing all of the above luxury features is not always practical, it’s good to consider them for future renovations and considering your budget. Even a few luxury upgrades can transform your bathroom into a spa-like retreat.


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