5 Key Questions to Ask Before Hiring a DUI Attorney

There are thousands of DUIs in the United States each year. In many cases, individuals who face a DUI conviction are arrested and are forced to spend time in jail. 

Hiring a DUI attorney is a very important and serious decision that can have life-changing altercations. With a talented DUI lawyer, you can try to get the least severe penalties.

Before hiring an attorney, it is important to learn more about his or her experience and how he or she can be the right fit for your case. Not all lawyers are created equal. 

Continue to read to learn more about key questions you should ask before hiring a DUI lawyer. 

Question 1: Have You Handled a DUI Case Before? 

This may seem like an obvious curiosity, but it is imperative to discuss from it the beginning. When tackling a DUI charge, it is critical to receive specialized legal council.

The convicted will want to ensure that he or she is being represented by an attorney who is well familiar with DUI cases. What does the attorney bring to the table? 

Not only will a DUI attorney represent the convicted in a court of law, but will educate him or her about the whole legal process. The attorney will prepare them for their court appearance, sentencing, potential jail time, and even probation. 

Question 2: How Many DUI Cases Have You Won?

Of the essence, one’s actions speak louder than words. An attorney’s track record is critical. This question may seem personal, but its all business.

A successful attorney should be pleased to share his or her victories with potential clients. This will only make the lawyer more attractive.

When discussing a case with clients, a DUI attorney should be trying to sell himself or herself. The DUI attorney desires to stand apart from the competition. 

If the convicted learns that the DUI attorney is not only knowledgeable about DUIs but has won a fair amount of cases, this is an excellent position to be in. 

Hiring a successful attorney who gets results is only common sense. Before selecting an attorney, make sure he or she has not only DUI experience but has won cases. 

Question 3: How Do You Select Strategies for DUI Cases? 

Strategies are at the heart of a DUI case. These strategies will play a substantial role in the defense process. When a DUI attorney creates a convincing strategy, the convicted will have a higher likelihood to receive a minimal sentence. 

Before hiring a DUI attorney, it is recommended to ask about his or her strategy process. How will you develop a strategy for my case? What will the strategy look like? 

Most talented attorneys will say that they will research your case in detail and will seek convincing evidence that would lessen your case. Additionally, they would say that they have developed strong communication skills and can persuade a jury. 

It is in the best interest of the convicted to hire confidant attorneys who have a track record to back their word up. You want to enlist the talents of a DUI attorney who is sure of his or her abilities.

There is a fine line with this, however. Hiring a boastful and hard-to-deal-with lawyer is never an enjoyable experience. 

Often in initial consultations, attorneys will walk you through their process and how they will handle the case. It is important to see their vision and make sure they have a strong plan in place. 

Question 4: What Are The Options? 

Another core element of initial discussions is when a DUI attorney lays out and explains all options to the convicted. If you face a DUI charge, it is essential to be educated on all your legal options. 

An experienced DUI attorney will be able to explain these options to you and make a recommendation on what direction you should take. Depending on what offense your DUI is, there are key differences in approach. 

If you are facing a 2nd offense DUI, your options can be significantly different than a 1st offense. 

Before hiring a DUI attorney, it is essential to see how he or she approaches different options. Get a sense of the attorney’s legal style and make sure he or she always has your best interests in mind. 

Question 5: How Much Will Your Services Cost? 

Hiring an experienced and talented attorney is beyond important, but it is also critical to determine how much money their services will cost you. You can hire the best attorney in the world, but if they are outside of your budget, this is a major issue. 

Lawyer fees can be quite expensive, this is not a secret. If one is a talented attorney, he or she will want to be well compensated for his or her efforts. This is understandable. 

From the beginning, discuss with your potential attorney about their fee structure. For DUI cases, attorneys often charge hourly fees or flat fees. Some attorneys may offer different and more attractive options. 

For example, there are attorneys that are more flexible with their fee structure and offer monthly fees. This will allow you to pay a certain amount of money per month until the fee is paid off.  

Once you and the attorney agree to a particular compensation, you can be well aware of what to expect financially. 

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