What to Do If You’re Charged With Careless Driving

Statistics show that distracted driving makes up 14% to 17% of all driving accidents. It is a serious issue that could cause injuries and even fatalities.

If you have been charged with careless driving, you may not know what to do. You may not even understand what careless driving is if you have never heard of this charge.

There are several driving violations that you could potentially find yourself with. It is a good idea to understand what you should do if this happens.

Keep reading to find out what to do if you are charged with careless driving.

What Is Careless Driving?

If you were given a careless driving charge, you might be wondering what this means. This is a type of driving citation where the penalties will vary from state to state.

Careless driving is usually described as failing to operate the vehicle safely. This may have been intentional or unintentional, creating a danger for other drivers.

This is a relatively vague term since it can describe a variety of careless behaviors. For instance, you may have been holding your phone while driving, or you may have been speeding.

You may have failed to signal or fallen asleep at the wheel. In more serious cases, you may even be charged with reckless driving.

Careless Vs Reckless Driving

Now that you know what careless driving means, what is reckless driving? A reckless and careless driving charge can easily be confused with each other.

The reality is that these are two separate charges, even if they are very similar. The most important thing to understand is that careless driving charges are milder.

These are usually issued for small traffic violations you were doing. The majority of states find that reckless driving is a wanton disregard for laws.

This would usually indicate that you were violating traffic laws without concern. The penalties for reckless driving could range from receiving a fine to jail time.

Reckless driving that resulted in an accident would be significantly more serious. Keep in mind that drunk driving can also be classified as careless or reckless driving.

Although it is significantly more serious, you will also receive a DUI. If you receive a reckless driving charge, an attorney may be able to bring it down to a careless charge.

Fight or Accept Charges

If you have received this charge, you need to decide on your next steps. Do you believe that this was unfair? If so, you could fight the charges.

If you were in the wrong, it might be best to accept the charges with the consequences. What decision you make will depend on the situation where you got the charges.

Here are more details about the two options you have.


If you choose to fight these charges, you can represent yourself or hire a lawyer. Keep in mind that having a lawyer on your side is going to improve your chances of success.

For example, a traffic defense accident lawyer will know all of the legal ins and outs. They will be able to represent you and best present your case.

If there is a way of proving that you were not driving carelessly, the charges may be dropped. If this is a path you want to take, it is much better to have someone on your side.

You will find experienced accident lawyers at Road Traffic Defence.


If you decide to accept these charges, you will be responsible for the consequences. In most cases, you will get a fine that you have to pay within a certain timeframe.

Careless driving charges very rarely result in jail time. This really only happens if you have received a reckless driving charge instead.

Keep in mind that this driving charge could end up on your record. The law varies from state to state, but this’s considered to be a criminal offense when it comes to traffic laws.

Because of this, excepting these charges could result in a mark on your record. This is especially true if injuries or an actual accident or the result of this charge.

When to Hire an Attorney

If you were charged with careless driving, you might be wondering if you need an accident lawyer. This is a common question since people may not want to pay legal fees.

The reality is that it is very difficult to represent yourself. Whether you choose to fight or accept these charges, it is a good idea to have somebody with legal knowledge on your side.

If you are going to fight these charges, a lawyer will know how to do this. Even if you choose to accept these charges, a lawyer can help you get a smaller fine.

They may even be able to help you remove these charges from your driving record. It is also useful to have someone with legal knowledge to give you advice.

They will be able to advise you on what steps to take and what your rights are.

Careless Driving: Everything to Know

If you have been charged with careless driving, you may not know where to go from here. This is a relatively serious driving offense that usually comes with a fine.

You have the option of fighting or excepting this charge, depending on the situation. Either way, hiring a lawyer is a great step to take.

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