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5 Anxiety Disorders Kratom Might Treat

The hemp plant is a tropical tree that grows in South Asia. Various conditions have gotten treated with its leaves or extracts of its leaves in alternative medicine. Many people use this compound to treat symptoms of depression and anxiety. Some studies suggest that Indo can alleviate these symptoms, but more research is needed.

Mitragyna speciosa does not have Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for using it as a treatment for depression or anxiety. The FDA does not regulate this compound because it gets considered a dietary supplement.

There are several kratom strains, but the Green Dragon Kratom is a more concentrated form of all the existing types. The Green Dragon is a potent marijuana strain that can deliver a powerful punch, making it a good choice for blending with other variants.

If you are considering using this to treat depression or anxiety, be aware that scientific evidence is not enough to support this use. Here’s what you should know about the purported benefits and potential risks of using it.

In what ways does it help anxiety?

Kratom is not technically an opioid. But it has similar effects to other opioids, such as morphine and codeine. It contains a substance known as mitragynine as its active ingredient. An opioid receptor in the brain binds to mitragynine, reducing pain when it binds to it.

Many people use this herb to report antidepressant and anxiety effects. At this point, very little research has gotten conducted on the mood-altering properties of this compound. Several reviews in 2017 found that indo can improve mood and reduce anxiety among its users. We have found that the drug has both sedative and stimulant effects.

There is no evidence to suggest that sedation would interfere with the purported benefits of this drug. However, we do not consider sedation as a side effect.

Disorders that can get treated by this compound are:

  1. Depression

There is less research available on the effects of Mitragyna speciosa on mental health. We found this herb to be effective in treating symptoms of depression and anxiety in its users. Many users perceived an improvement in their mental health condition resulting from self-treating with the herb.

Several studies have found that hemp can improve mental health and mood. Some people find that it helps reduce anxiety symptoms. We suggest that it might be able to substitute opioids for people who suffer from opioid use disorders. 

Some people believe that hemp leaves can interact with opioid receptors in the brain, depending on the compounds they contain. The effects of this interaction may vary depending on its amount, and we observe the following response in our bodies:

  • sedation
  • pleasure
  • lower perception of pain

This herb also affects the central nervous system and other systems. When it gets used moderately, it can produce feelings of euphoria and mild stimulation. A person may experience sedation when they take very high doses of it.

  1. Anxiety

The drug remains very popular despite its many risks and side effects. We found that various treatments help improve anxiety and other health issues. Some people prefer to chew raw and unprocessed versions of herb leaves. We commonly take it as a powder. You can start by mixing it in a beverage or taking it directly with the liquid.

  1. Insomnia

Red Bali strain, for instance, will help you get your long sleep. Upon hearing this, some people are confused because they believe it is for energizing rather than sleeping. It does both depending on the dosage.

  1. Epilepsy

A study reported that chronic indo use leads to recurrent seizures requiring antiepileptic medication treatment due to structural changes in the brain during magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

  1. PTSD

Respondents said that its consumption was associated with increased energy, less pain, better focus, more positive mood, lower anxiety, reduced or stopped the usage of opioid painkillers, and reduced symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

The following benefits get claimed:

We report the following conditions to get treated with it, in addition to anxiety and depression:

  • Pain
  • Fatigue
  • Diarrhea
  • Muscle aches
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Opioid Addiction and Withdrawal
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

A 2017 trusted review also noted that it enhances immunity, reduces appetite, and reduces inflammation. These benefits need to be confirmed by more research.

Can it be ingested safely, and how can it get used?

There are varieties of ways to consume marijuana. They are:

Herb leaves can be consumed as tea or eaten fresh. It can be smoked or vaporized, but this is less common. You can also grind up dried leaves into a powder. It is fit for consumption after that. It has different effects depending on how it gets consumed. We do not have research evidence that could help us to determine the best method to treat depression and anxiety.

Neurological and behavioral effects

The following effects can get caused by hemp oil on the mind, emotions, and behavior:

  • Euphoria
  • Enhanced mood
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Increased focus
  • Increased talkativeness

How much marijuana do you need for anxiety?

There is little knowledge about the dosage guidelines for treating depression and anxiety. The recommended dose of medication will vary depending on your age, gender, and health condition. It is also possible that the effects of this compound are affected by other factors. The factors may include the way of its consumption and its exposure. There is a strong belief that extracts are significantly more potent than powders.

Ending words

If you’re considering using kratom to treat depression or anxiety, be aware of the risks associated with its use. It can help relieve specific symptoms. Despite the benefits, some people may have risks associated with using this method. It might also have adverse effects on your overall health and body.

It is best to start small when experimenting with a new behavior or idea. Let a trusted family member or friend know how things are going. This way, you can better understand the effects of your actions.

In addition, medications and alcohol can interfere with their effects. The use of herbs should not get combined with driving or operating machinery. Please consult your physician if you notice severe side effects after using this medication.


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