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13 Signs You Need to Hire Drain Pipe Cleaning Services

When you’re home, your main concern is to prevent your family from any harm. One of the things you need to protect your family from is clogging and sewer problems.

These problems may not cause serious loss if you have a deep sewer line. But, you may notice disturbances in the flow of your drains. You need to seek help because the longer you delay, the more problems you’ll have to deal with.

If you have complicated drainage at home, you need to hire professionals to maintain them. Here are some signs that you need drain pipe cleaning services.

1. Clog Issues

Clogs can be a major headache in any home. Whether in the bath, shower, kitchen, or toilet, signs of clogs can be disheartening and a cause for alarm. 

Drain pipe cleaning services can help with some clog issues. Clogs can come in all shapes and sizes and they can be caused by many things such as hair, food, foreign objects, tree roots, and your city’s sewer line.

Through the use of plumbing snakes and high-pressure water jets, these services can help you remove clogged issues on time. Not only will this save you time, but it can help you save money because these services can be more cost-effective than other means of unclogging your pipes.

2. Foul Water Smells

Foul water smells can state a serious underlying problem. If you have been dealing with a nasty odor coming from your drains, call a professional drain pipe cleaning service. Drain technicians have the necessary experience and tools to investigate and remove any blockages that may be causing the smell.

By having your pipes and drains serviced, you can ensure your system is running smoothly and all foul odors are eradicated. A good professional liner cleaning can also help prevent the growth of harmful fungi and bacteria, which can cause health problems if left untreated. Don’t wait until the smell becomes unbearable. Get your pipes and drains checked and serviced by a qualified technician.

3. Unusually Low Water Pressure

You will need to hire drain pipe cleaning services to unclog the pipes and restore your normal water pressure. Clogs can occur due to various causes such as excessive use of detergents, grease, foreign objects, or scale and rust builds up.

Determining and solving the problem can seem overwhelming, and that’s why it’s important to seek professional help. Such services include using heavy-duty chemical cleaners that can dissolve the clogging material, pumping it out, or using advanced machinery to restore the full length of the pipe. It is also important to note that executed drain cleaning can cause serious harm, so make sure you hire a reliable company that can handle the job for you.

4. Excessive Corrosion of Pipes

This can cause extensive damage to your property if left unchecked. Call plumbing services that will clean out any built-up sediment and dirt stuck in the pipes, as well as fix and replace worn or corroded pipes.

Also, they will also assess the amount of damage done by corrosion in the pipes and give you options for fixing them quickly and effectively. Finally, this will save you time, money, and stress that comes with having to put up with corroded pipes.

5. Pooling Water in Unusual Places

It is always important to pay close attention to any pooling water that is collecting in unusual places in your home. This could be a sign that your drainage pipes have become blocked or damaged and need professional cleaning services.

If you are experiencing flooding, and sluggish drain flow, then you know it is time to consult with an expert. Don’t delay, as standing water can become a breeding ground for bacteria and cause more extensive and costly damage.

6. Backed Up Drain Pipes

Regular pipe drain maintenance can help you detect any issues early so that you can respond immediately and prevent further damage. Without proper services, backed-up drain pipes can become a serious issue.

Don’t hesitate to hire professionals at They can help ensure that your pipes are free from obstructions, blockages, and other contaminants. With their extensive experience and specialized equipment, they will be sure to diagnose and fix the issue quickly and effectively.

7. Discoloration in Your Home

Having discoloration in your home can result in bacteria and other pollutants infiltrating your home. This is to prevent further damage and health complications.

Professional services will use the latest equipment and technology to clean and inspect your pipes. They will also ensure that any blockages are removed, and identify any potential causes of the discoloration that could potentially pose a risk. Furthermore, professionals will be able to tell you the best ways to prevent further issues and maintain a safe environment in your home.

8. Problem with Fruit Flies

The presence of fruit flies can create serious problems for any property. To prevent a fruit fly infestation, it is important to hire drain pipe cleaning services regularly. Such services will help you identify and remedy any blockages in drains, sinks, and other areas that can be breeding grounds for these pesky critters.

Also, they can prevent the accumulation of organic matter in pipes, which can serve as a food source for the fruit fly population. By hiring quality drain pipe cleaning services, you can help protect your property from a fruit fly infestation.

9. Using Too Much Liquid Drain Cleaner

Using too much liquid drain cleaner in an attempt to clear away blockages in drains is a dangerous and often ineffective practice. It can damage pipes and cause corrosion over time, as well as release toxic gases into your home. Not to mention it is nearly impossible to determine the correct amount of cleaner to use as it varies based on the size of the clog.

A drain pipe cleaning service is the best and safest option to address clogged drains and will provide long-term benefits. They can effectively remove any blockage in your pipes, ensuring they drain freely and quickly. Also, they will inspect and flush the pipes, removing any leftover residue and ensuring there is no remaining corrosion.

10. Unusual Sounds From Your Pipes

If you’re hearing unusual sounds coming from your pipes, chances are you need to hire drain pipe cleaning services. They have the professional knowledge and expertise to identify the source of the noise and properly address it.

They also know exactly what tools and techniques to use to safely and effectively eliminate any possible danger. Finally, a professional drain pipe cleaning service will help ensure that your pipes remain in top condition for many years to come.

11. Deteriorating Taste of Water

It could state a buildup of sediment, debris, and other materials inside your drain pipe. This is why it’s important to hire drain services if you notice that your water taste is deteriorating.

They can come in and use specialized tools and techniques to clear out any blocked pipes. This allows for better water flow and tastes once again. 

12. Gurgling Toilets

When your toilet starts to gurgle, it’s a sign that something is wrong. Gurgling toilets indicate that there is a blockage somewhere in the drain line or a problem in the sewerage system.

To solve this, you need to hire professionals to investigate the problem and clear the blockage or repair the sewers. They can use CCTV cameras to investigate the drainage system and see where the blockage is located, then use the latest tools to unblock the drain and restore your plumbing.

13. Stained Surfaces Near the Septic Tank

Homeowners all across the world rely heavily on their septic tanks for waste disposal, but, they can be a frequent source of strain. Stained surfaces near the septic tank are a sign that the pipes leading to the tank or even the tank itself have become clogged or damaged.

It is important to hire professionals to address this issue as soon as possible to avoid health risks and extensive damage to the environment. This kind of service works at locating the source of the blockage, be it soil, roots, or other sediment buildup, and manually removing the blockage where possible. Not only does this help to keep the septic tank running at its full capacity, but it can also prevent damage or cost due to trenching or replacing pipe work.

Tips for Avoiding Costly Drain Pipe Cleaning Services in the Future

If left unchecked, clogged drains can cause serious damage. It’s important to pay attention to your drainage system to protect the health and safety of your family.

If you notice any of the signs mentioned above that suggest you need to have your drain pipes cleaned, or you are not sure what you need to do to keep your drain pipes clean and functional, it is suggested to hire drain pipe cleaning services.

Don’t hesitate to contact professionals in drain pipe cleaning services. Doing so will ensure that your drains are in the best condition possible. Schedule a consultation with professionals in the field for a thorough inspection and services to prevent further damage to your home or business. Try it now, and you won’t be sorry!

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