The Importance of Timely Sprinkler Repair
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The Importance of Timely Sprinkler Repair

As the snow melts, lawn care in Idaho Falls kicks into high gear. That means fertilization, weed control, and grub control.

A well-functioning sprinkler system is the unsung hero of a healthy and vibrant lawn. However, a malfunctioning sprinkler system can cause severe damage. It is essential to obtain sprinkler repair services as the spring approaches.

Proper Watering

The first step of fall lawn care involves clearing out gutters. Fallen leaves and other debris can clog them, allowing water to flow into shingles, siding, and your home. A trusted sprinkler repair Idaho Falls can handle this task and give you peace of mind that your house is safe for the upcoming winter.

Aim to water your lawn only when it needs it. Frequently watering throughout the day encourages shallow roots and weakens your lawn. Use cans to determine how much water is required and set a timer to avoid overwatering.

Applying pre-emergent weed control in late summer and fall will keep the weeds from sprouting in your yard all spring, summer, and fall. You will have a small window to do this because the weeds grow from seeds, and there is a specific temperature at which these seeds will die. If you miss the window, the weeds will take over your yard and ruin your beautiful lawn.


Leaks are a nightmare for any lawn. They create muddy pools and cause uneven grass growth. Moreover, they lead to obscene water bills. If you notice that an area of the yard is constantly or excessively wet after or between irrigation cycles, you leak.

The first step to locating the leak is to shut off the water in your irrigation system and carefully map out the pipe layout. The people who installed your sprinkler system should have a diagram of how the pipes are laid out. Next, use spray paint to mark the areas where you think a leak is occurring.

If your Idaho Falls lawn is infested with a slimy, gray fungus called Microdochium patch, it’s probably caused by a leaking sprinkler head or underground equipment. Raking the area lightly will help, but it’s best to have this problem addressed by professionals. The good news is that the fungus will disappear once the ground dries.


In Idaho’s warm summer climate, lawns need to be able to retain water between waterings. Dry, brittle grass is a clear sign that your lawn needs hydration.

It’s also important to avoid overwatering. Overwatering can cause your grass to become prone to diseases and attract insects and fungi. It can also create a layer of partially decomposed organic matter, called thatch, which interferes with proper root growth and leaves a space for growing weeds.

Finally, overwatering can lead to backflow, spreading toxins into your home’s drinking and bathing water. This type of contamination can make you and your family sick. It’s crucial to have your irrigation system inspected and repaired immediately before backflow occurs. Preventing problems like these will protect your property’s value and ensure your sprinklers are working correctly.


Weeds grow beside desirable crops and compete for sunlight, water, and nutrients. It can cause the crop to suffer from poor growth, vigor, and lower yields.

Humans eat some weeds and make for nutritious food or fodder. In addition, various weeds perform ecosystem services such as stabilizing soil, reducing erosion, and assisting in the natural and biological control of insect pests.

Fine fescues have good heat and drought tolerance but can be sensitive to foot traffic. They also need shade and rich soil for proper growth. Ryegrass is a fast-germinator that helps protect new bluegrass shoots from heat and weeds. It’s often included in grass seed mixtures for high-traffic areas.

It’s time to start thinking about spring lawn care in Idaho Falls as winter thaw. Begin by removing any gunky debris left behind after winter snow. It includes stray leaves, old grass clippings, and other detritus. Clearing away this yuck allows the sun to shine on your grass.


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