What does work injury rehab entail? When does a worker go for rehabilitation, and how can they return to work? Read on to learn more about work injury rehab.
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Work Injury Rehab: 7 Things You Need to Know

Are you wondering what work injury rehab entails?

Getting injured at work is a complicated process. Depending on where you work, you can slip and fall, get into a driving accident, or handle machinery that causes an accident. 

But no matter where you work, chances are there is a workers compensation plan you need to follow to have your injury addressed. By following these steps, you will make sure your injury is addressed and you have all the time you need to recover.

From notifying HR to returning to work and asking for accommodations, these are the steps you need to follow.

Report the Incident to the HR Department 

The first step for all work-related injuries is to report the injury to HR. This will get the worker’s compensation process started. If in a pinch, you can report to your immediate supervisor or any supervisor in the area.

Fill Out an Injury Report

Next, you need to fill out an injury at work claim. The injury report will detail the incident, where it happened, what time it happened, and more. Fill out the injury report and handed over directly to your HR representative.

Seek Medical Treatment Immediately 

The next step is to seek medical treatment. You should be given a doctor to go to but if not, visit your own doctor. You might visit a worker’s compensation doctor along with your own doctor for your injury.

Choose a Worker’s Compensation Doctor 

After the initial doctor’s appointment, you need to choose a worker’s compensation doctor. This is the doctor that you will see for the duration of your injury. Choose carefully, as not all worker’s compensation doctors are created equally.

Focus On Your Recovery

You are now in the hard part of the process, which is focusing on recovering. Do what your doctor tells you to do and get plenty of rest at home. Make sure to attend all appointments for your injury while recovering. 

Return to Work When You’re Ready

After a certain amount of time in recovery, you’re ready to go back to work. Get a note from your doctor stating that you are ready to start working again. This note should be all you need to release you for work.

Ask For Accommodations/Work Restrictions

It’s important to remember that although you are back to work you may need accommodations or work restrictions for your injury. You can take these assessments to make sure the position you were in is still right for you.

Work Injury Rehab: This Is What You Should Expect

There are a few steps you need to follow to go to work injury rehab. 

First, you need to report the incident to the HR department immediately. Fill out an injury report, seek medical treatment, and choose a worker’s compensation doctor. Focus on your recovery, return to work when you are ready, and make sure to ask for any accommodations or work restrictions that you need.

These are the steps to follow when you are injured on the job.

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