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Why Now Is the Time to List Your Rancho Santa Fe Home

Rancho Santa Fe real estate is well known for being one of the most exclusive areas within San Diego County which is why there are many key selling points attractive to prospective buyers. However, if you are going to list your luxury home in Rancho Santa Fe, now would be an ideal time to do just that. You will understand why the time is now when considering the following.

It’s a Strong Seller’s Market

One of the most important factors when choosing a time to sell, according to any knowledgeable Rancho Santa Fe real estate agent, would be during a seller’s market. This is a time when the number of homes available is far less than the demand for homes. Even Rancho Santa Fe luxury real estate that typically is among the highest priced property in the state can all but name their price during a seller’s market – with one exception.

If the buyer will require a mortgage loan, comparables of recently sold homes in the area must satisfactorily meet the asking price of your home. With that said, many affluent buyers of homes in an exclusive area will often pay cash for properties they buy. Those with money will always find ways to avoid paying interest rates, so cash purchases are common.

Celebs Who Live – or Have Lived – in Rancho Santa Fe

Have you ever wondered why Johnny Depp bought an entire island in the Bahamas? His reasoning is like so many other celebs who are looking for a private retreat set apart from the prying eyes of fans and paparazzi alike. Other celebrities like Bill Gates (who bought Jenny Craig’s horse farm), Janet Jackson and Bing Crosby didn’t seem to mind all the cameras flashing away as they made an entry into their Rancho Santa Fe homes.

Being able to say you own a home in the neighborhood where celebrities lived is a huge selling point. We do love our celebrities so being able to say they are neighbors does a lot to raise a property’s value in the eyes of the buyer. Ask a Rancho Santa Fe realtor just how often prospective buyers ask about celebrities living in this affluent area and you will see it is not an uncommon question.

The Allure of a Mostly Residential Area

Within the past few years, people have tried to avoid highly populated areas with a huge amount of foot traffic. The Covid-19 pandemic brought about an awareness of distancing and relative isolation for health-related reasons. Rancho Santa Fe is, for the most part, a residential area. There is one small area with a few shops, a couple of Inns and a smattering of restaurants, but that’s it.

Also, there is only one elementary school and one middle school, so throngs of noisy kids shouldn’t be a detriment either. Bear in mind that as of the 2020 census, there are only 3,156 residents in the Rancho Santa Fe census-designated place in San Diego County. For these reasons and so many more, sellers should have no trouble finding buyers seeking quiet enjoyment of their high-end luxury homes.


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