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When the Grass Isn’t Greener: How to Get a Healthy Lawn

People in the US love their lawns. They love their lawns to the tune of about $105 billion annually. For reference, that’s around $407 per adult in America.

Some of that money goes toward things like watering or irrigation. Some of it goes toward tools and consumer-grade lawn equipment. Some of it goes toward professional services, like landscapers.

Given all this love and attention, it’s no wonder homeowners fret when their lawns look less than healthy.  If that sounds like you and you’re wondering how to get a healthy lawn, keep reading. We’ll offer you some lawn care tips that will help you get back that green grass everyone loves.

Mower Blades

Of you’re like a lot of homeowners, you pull the mower out of storage each year, fire it up, and mow. Mower blades get dull just like any other kind of blade.

Ever tried to cut a tomato with a dull blade? It doesn’t cut so much as it rips the tomato. Dull mower blades rip your grass.

Sharpening the blades at the beginning of each season means you leave clean cuts on the grass, which makes for a healthy lawn.


You don’t need weekly fertilizer applications on your lawn, but many homeowners only do it once a year or don’t bother at all. That can leave your lawn starved for nutrients that let it grow and look great.

Fertilize your lawn a few times each year during the spring and summer. You can ask for tips on which ones to use when at any dedicated lawn and garden center.

Fine-Tune Your Watering

It’s surprisingly easy to under-water or over-water your lawn. Everything from the type of grass to the soil quality can influence how much water your lawn really needs day-to-day.

As a general rule of thumb, you should water two to three times a week. The watering should leave the soil damp down to about two inches.

Deal with Pests

Few things will kill the health of your lawn like pests. Insects and rodents usually top the list. Some insects will actually eat the roots of your grass.

Rodent burrows will compromise the integrity of the soil and water distribution, which creates dead spots.

Pest control pros can help you get rid of insects or rodents.

Call in a Lawn Pro

Sometimes, nothing you do seems to make your lawn look any healthier. At that point, you’ll probably want a lawn or landscaping company like Heartland Turf & Landscape. They can often help you identify the problems and repair them.

How to Get a Healthy Lawn? Patience

The issue of how to get a healthy lawn is often answered by the simple act of taking your time. Grass may grow relatively quickly, but the fixes for lawn problems take time to take root.

Getting rid of pests will stop the damage, but recovery takes a little while. Fertilizer will help, but not overnight. Fixing watering issues may perk up your lawn, but you must have a little patience as you go.

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