When Should You Consider a Liposuction Procedure

When Should You Consider a Liposuction Procedure?

Have you been working out and watching what you eat, but still have stubborn pockets of fat that just won’t go away? Do these bother spots of flab make you feel self-conscious about how you look? If so, it might be time to ask your doctor about liposuction Chicago-based.

What Exactly Is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that removes fat deposits from specific areas of your body. A plastic surgeon will make tiny incisions in your skin, insert a small vacuum-like tool called a cannula, and literally suck the fat cells out of your body. Lipo can be performed on areas like your thighs, belly, back, arms, chin, hips, and butt.

How Does the Procedure Work?

During a liposuction procedure, your surgeon will likely put you under general anesthesia, although local anesthesia is sometimes used instead. Once you are sedated, the doctor will make a few small cuts around the area being treated and insert the cannula through these incisions.

As the cannula moves through the fat layers under your skin, it vacuums up the fat, sculpting the treatment area to the desired shape. The procedure usually takes one to two hours, depending on the number of areas being addressed.

What’s the Recovery Like After Liposuction?

You will likely feel sore for a few days following your lipo procedure. Your surgeon will wrap the treatment area in a compression garment that you’ll need to wear for two to six weeks afterward to control swelling. You’ll also have some temporary bruising, swelling, numbness, and drainage from the incisions as you heal. Most people are able to return to non-strenuous work within a few days and resume exercise after two to four weeks.

Who’s a Good Candidate for Liposuction?

The best liposuction candidates are people who are already at or near their ideal body weight, but have isolated fat deposits that won’t go away with diet and exercise. This could be genetic trouble spots like love handles, belly pooches, or fat under the chin.

People who only need to lose a small amount of fat in targeted areas tend to get the best liposuction results. The procedure is meant to fine tune your shape, not facilitate major weight loss.

What Areas of My Body Can Be Treated?

Some of the most popular areas that patients request lipo on include the inner and outer thighs, belly, hips and flanks, back and bra rolls, arms, neck and jowls, and under the chin. Liposuction can sometimes be used to reduce fat in the breasts or enlarge the penis as well. The great thing about lipo is that it allows you to reshape almost any part of your body that has pockets of fat.

Do I Need to Have Any Special Qualifications to Get Lipo?

You don’t need any special qualifications to have liposuction, but there are some requirements you’ll have to meet for the safety of the procedure. Your doctor will want to make sure you don’t have any health issues that could interfere with surgery or healing.

You’ll likely have lab testing done to ensure your blood can clot properly and that your liver, kidneys, and heart are healthy. It’s also important not to be obese and to have realistic expectations for your results.

Liposuction could be a great option for you if you have isolated pockets of fat that won’t slim down with diet and exercise alone. Speak with a board-certified plastic surgeon to find out if you’re a good candidate and learn more about the procedure. With properly managed expectations and the right surgeon, liposuction can help you look and feel your very best.


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