Car Maintenance Tips for Moms

Car Maintenance Tips for Moms

As a mom, traveling with children is a whole new ballgame. You have to find the right car seat, pack a diaper bag every time you leave the house, and be prepared for various unexpected things to happen. One of the things you should do is ensure you know what essential car maintenance you should have done on your vehicle regularly. This will keep your vehicle running well.

Routine Oil Changes

One of the most frequent maintenance items will be to get your oil changed. How often depends on how much you drive and how long your manual recommends. Some vehicles need oil changes every 3,000 miles, but others can go every 6,000 or longer.

Oil changes are quick and inexpensive, so whether you do it yourself, have a friend help you, or take it to a mechanic, this is a maintenance item that should be low-stress for you.

Fill Tires With Air

Checking your tire pressure and filling your tires with air as needed keeps them in good shape and also improves the performance of your vehicle. When you found your new Ford for sale, you may have noticed that it has a tire pressure monitoring system. This takes the guesswork out and makes this process much more manageable. When one of your tires is low, take it to a gas station and put air in it.

Tire Rotate and Balance

Tires should also be rotated and balanced regularly. Follow your manufacturer’s instructions when determining how often to do this, but a general rule of thumb is to do this every 5,000 miles or so. Not only does tire rotation help keep the wear on your tires even, but the balance they do with it will make your vehicle handling smoother and may even help your fuel efficiency.

Check Fluids

Check the fluids regularly and top off when necessary. Most fluids are inexpensive and easy to find at your local auto parts store. Some of the fluids to periodically check include:

  • Motor oil. Use the dipstick to ensure you have the appropriate amount of oil in your car.
  • Transmission fluid. If you have an automatic transmission, use your car manual to find out information on how to check it.
  • Coolant. Coolant keeps your vehicle at the proper temperature and prevents overheating, so check to ensure it’s at the appropriate level.
  • Washer fluid. Keeping your windshield clean is important for the safety of you and others, so make sure it is at the right level.
  • Brake fluid. This fluid should be clean, clear, and at the appropriate level.

These fluids are inexpensive to purchase, and checking them regularly can improve the performance of your vehicle.

Wiper Blades

When your windshield wipers are no longer effectively removing rain or snow from your car, it’s time to replace them. This is easy to do and should only take a few minutes once you have purchased the proper wiper blades.


Cars need some routine maintenance, and knowing what to look for and even how to perform some of the maintenance can make it easier for you to take care of your vehicle. Prioritize the maintenance of your vehicle so that it is a safe and reliable car for you for years to come.


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