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What Should You Do If You Suffer an Injury At Work?

When you go to work in the morning, you probably do not expect to get hurt. Unfortunately, accidents can happen at just about any time, and you may suffer an injury that prevents you from continuing your job. It is important for you to seek medical care as quickly as possible. You must make sure your injury is properly diagnosed, and you need to have a comprehensive treatment plan in place. Then, you need to reach out to a lawyer, as you might be wondering, can you sue your employer for a work injury? What are a few of the most important steps you need to take if you have been hurt at work?

Alert Your Employer to the Injury

You must make sure you let your employer know that you have gotten hurt. If you are interested in filing a claim for worker’s compensation, you need to tell your employer about the injury. Make sure you do so in writing. This will create a paper trail. When you apply for workers’ compensation, they will want to make sure that you have gotten hurt at work while in the scope of your normal daily duties. If you do not have a record that shows you alerted your employer, you could have your claim denied. Furthermore, you don’t want someone else at your job to get hurt as you did. 

See a Doctor First

After this, you need to see a doctor as quickly as possible. You must make sure your injury is thoroughly evaluated. Even though you might feel fine, there is a chance that there might be an injury underneath the surface that you have not yet noticed. Make sure your doctor is thorough. You want them to do plenty of tests and conduct imaging. That way, nothing is overlooked. Once your doctor is done, make sure you are comfortable with a treatment plan you have in place. You also need to ask for a copy of your medical records. You might need those medical records to support a personal injury claim that you file down the road. 

Reach Out To a Lawyer

Finally, you need to reach out to a lawyer as well. A lawyer can take a look at all aspects of the case and see if you are deserving of compensation. For example, there might have been a manufacturing defect related to the equipment that you use. Or, your employer may not have performed proper maintenance, causing the equipment to break down. Even if your workers’ compensation claim is successful, you may be entitled to additional compensation from the parties responsible for your injury. Going through the legal system can be stressful, but you do not have to do it alone. A lawyer can act as your legal guide, allowing you to focus on your medical recovery while your rights are adequately protected. 

You Could Be Deserving of Compensation

Ultimately, it is important for you to reach out to a medical professional who can evaluate your injury. Then, don’t forget to talk to a legal expert who can review your case. There is a chance that you could be entitled to compensation. Keep in mind that there are multiple paths available if you need to recover funds that can cover medical expenses and replace lost income. There is a chance that you could qualify for workers’ compensation, but you may also be able to file a lawsuit against the responsible party. You need to focus on your medical recovery, which is why you should reach out to a lawyer who can take your case.


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