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Ways to Straighten Your Teeth Without the Need for Braces and Techniques to Avoid

If there is one thing we notice about another person straight away, it’s their teeth. Your smile can have an enormous impact on your confidence and self-esteem. While some of us are born with perfectly aligned teeth, others find they aren’t as fortunate. If you’re not happy with your smile, you may decide now is the time to look into getting your teeth straightened.

Understandably, braces will be the first treatment that springs to mind when it comes to straightening teeth. However, there are more options available to you that could do the same job. Here we will explore surprising ways you can straighten teeth without having to get braces fitted, as well as techniques to avoid.


Mewing is a facial reconstructing technique that involves keeping the tongue on the roof of the mouth to alter the jawline’s shape. Some people believe that if you mew, you’re able to reshape your face for a more defined jawline. What’s more, according to mewing proponents, this technique can straighten teeth by restructuring the jaw.

You can check out ALIGNERCO who explains mewing in further detail. While there are mewing before and after photos circulating on the internet, they’re deemed unreliable. Also, there is no scientific research that backs up mewing and its effectiveness. Instead, it’s wise to look at the treatment options below which can all help to straighten your teeth.


In most instances, you’re given retainers after finishing braces treatment. However, it’s a different case for adults that only need slight adjustments to straighten their teeth. If you don’t want to pay a fortune for braces treatment and only need something minor done, wearing a retainer could be the answer.

Using a retainer even without having braces first can help in straightening your teeth. When compared to traditional braces, retainers are less noticeable. This is great for those who are worried about others pointing them out. Also, retainers are often removable too, meaning you can take them out when eating food, playing sports, or going on a first date.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is the process where your dentist applies resin to teeth which need straightening. This resin is matched to your teeth’ color. Dental bonding can make your teeth straighter by closing gaps between the teeth and adjusting their shape. They can also cover minor cracks and chips.

When compared to veneers, dental bonding doesn’t require your dentist to alter your enamel. While this is certainly an appealing factor, you will need a touchup after around 10 years. Dental bonding can also improve oral health, protect your teeth, and boost tooth size, shape, and function.


Porcelain veneers can create the illusion of straighter teeth while brightening your smile in the process. Veneers are thin solid shells of porcelain that fix to the front of your teeth. They are used to cover minor imperfections and give a more consistent look to your smile. Dentists tend to use veneers to treat crooked, discolored, misaligned, or chipped teeth.

One of the major pluses of veneers is they’re durable and stain resistant. This means for those who love their coffee, you won’t have to worry about any nasty stains! If you are dealing with minor dental misalignment, you could opt for veneers which can make your teeth look straighter without having to get braces fitted. Just bear in mind that veneers are semi-permanent. This means you will need to get them replaced at some point. Depending on how well you take care of your veneers, they can last for over a decade.

Dental Crowns

Thousands of people across the country make the decision to get dental crowns every year, and for good reason. Dental crowns are durable caps that are designed to reinforce damaged teeth. As well as protecting severely decayed teeth after a root canal or filling, dental crowns can be great for straightening your smile too. Crowns are especially useful for those who wish to alter the shape, color, or size of their teeth.

You may need dental crowns to protect and support cracked teeth, hold a dental bridge in place, or cover a severely discolored or stained tooth. Dental crowns are custom-made for you, can restore the appearance of teeth, and providing you look after them well, and can last for a long time. However, like with veneers, dental crowns will need to be replaced at some point. Also, you need to be aware that dental crowns can be costly depending on how many you get fitted.

Having misaligned teeth can be damaging to your confidence. Thankfully, modern dentistry has made it possible to overcome this obstacle. There are all kinds of teeth straightening options available to you that may not require you getting braces. Just make sure to explore all the treatments above so you can find one that works for you.


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