Prepare for Michigan’s Deer Season

Deer hunting season is a time of excitement throughout Michigan as local hunters seek trophy mounts while hunting on their favorite grounds. Most people prepare for deer season a month or so ahead of time, but that might be too late. While the deer season is out of mind for many hunters, summer is the best time to start preparing for the fall deer hunting season. Here is a closer look at why. 

Buy Your New Rifle Now

If you are considering buying a new hunting rifle, the closer you get to hunting season, the harder it will be to find a good deal on a quality rifle. Now is a great time to narrow your new deer hunting rifle options. The closer it gets to deer season, the higher the demand and price is for popular hunting rifles. So summertime is often the best time to choose your rifle and caliber while preparing for deer season.

Field and Stream magazine says the five best deer hunting rifles are:

  • Tikka T3x Lite Roughtech
  • Winchester Model 70 Extreme Weather SS
  • Remington 700 ADL Synthetic
  • Savage Axis II XP
  • Seekins Precision Havak Element

Many seek the help of a gunsmith based in Michigan, hunters can use to mount scopes, install new triggers, and ensure the action and all other parts work well. Then they can practice at the local range to sharpen their shooting for the upcoming deer season. 

Pick Your Caliber and Buy Ammo 

Ammunition is always very important when choosing a new rifle for deer hunting. Fortunately, one of the most popular calibers for deer hunting is still available for deer hunters. The .30-06 has been around since 1906 and is a proven caliber with plenty of knockdown power. It goes down quickly when you hit a deer in its vitals with the .30-06. 

Other popular calibers include the .308, the 6.5 Creedmoor, and the 7mm Remington. Also, choose a .243 Winchester, a lighter bullet with plenty of sizzle and hard-hitting power. Ammo has been in relatively short supply, so costs have risen recently.

Install Trail Cams to Scout Your Hunting Grounds

You are among those who like to scout out new locations that produce big bucks when the fall hunting season arrives. Now could be a great time to do that by placing some trail cams so that you can see if they catch sight of any big bucks. Trail cams that capture images of multiple big bucks tell you that a particular area could be very promising when deer season arrives. 

You also might consider whether you want to use a deer blind, a tree stand, or if you want to stalk your prey on foot. Whatever your preferred hunting method, you will need the right gear to make it happen. 


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