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The Best Ways to Improve Energy

Lethargy and sluggishness can inhibit a productive lifestyle and cause other issues like obesity, depression, and a myriad of other illnesses. Typically extreme fatigue and lack of energy are due to a weakened immune system and poor discipline in daily exercise and healthy eating. Getting more sleep, eating right, and exercising are just some of the ways to build more energy. Continue reading to discover the best way to improve energy and regain a vigor for life.

Eat Healthier

Bad food choices are usually the first place to look when assessing energy levels. Foods like carbs and sugars are known to slow down the body and reduce endurance and stamina. Sugar inhibits the work of powerful forces such as antioxidants.

Antioxidants are compounds occurring naturally that attack foreign substances in the body and guard against bacteria, viruses, and a myriad of illnesses. Eating a diet high in antioxidants is one of the best ways to boost health energy. Try using extra virgin olive oil containing the powerful antioxidant Carbon 60 or C60 for short. Carbon 60 is a molecule that has 60 carbon atoms attached to it in the shape of a sphere. This spherical ball of antioxidant power has the ability to continue resetting itself in order to neutralize free radicals and relieve oxidative stress. Extra virgin olive oil with C60 is available here. It is cold pressed and made from organic pure olive sources.

Sleep More

It might seem contrary to building energy, but letting your body rest properly has enormous benefits for your health and particularly for boosting energy levels. Your body needs at least 8-10 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night in order to function well the next day. When you don’t get enough sleep, your body feels tired and your body tries to compensate for a lack of energy through other means like unhealthy calories which only aids in enhancing feelings of fatigue.

Start cultivating a calm and peaceful environment before bed in order to sleep well and regain energy. This begins by stopping all over stimulating activities at least an hour before bed time. Turn off and put away phones and sources of social media and news, including the television. Instead, opt to read a book before bed and keep bright lights to a minimum in order to induce better rest.


It’s no secret that exercise is the gateway for increased energy. Exercise gets your blood pumping and causes your body to build stamina and endurance. Participating in physical activities can be as simple as a brisk walk each morning or evening. It doesn’t have to start with pumping iron at the local gym. Find a friend to workout with to increase motivation or join a dance or zumba class as a fun way to improve energy levels.

Drink Coffee

Coffee has long been thought of as a way to build energy. It is not a long term solution, of course, but it can help with temporary lags in energy. Coffee is a stimulant that immediately begins to improve your energy levels but if you overdo it, you can crash and or feel shaky and faint. Try to drink coffee first thing in the morning and avoid drinking it after 5pm as it can severely affect falling asleep at night which will only inhibit positive sleep cycles and cause more fatigue and tiredness.

Aim to drink coffee that isn’t flavored with highly processed creamers or filled to the brim with added sugars. Use organic half and half, milk, or heavy cream from pasture raised cows to replace creamers and add a spoonful of honey instead of sugar. Almond milk or oat milk have also gained popularity instead of dairy creamers.

Stop Eating Junk Food

Eating unhealthy processed foods is a top contributor to flailing levels of energy. Food that are highly refined and processed are typically filled with chemical fillers, sugar, artificial dyes and flavors. These foods slow the entire body down and leave you listless and hungry for more unhealthy foods. The weight gain from regularly eating these foods only further propels low energy.

Cut out junk food from your diet and only enjoy it when absolutely necessary or as a treat once in a great while. Moderation is key but even in moderation junk food can wreak havoc on energy and cause burnout.

As you watch your daily habits from proper sleep, exercise, and a healthy diet, you’ll find that your body is feeling more robust, active, and energized.


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