The Benefits of Having Dental Whitening Completed By a Dentist
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The Benefits of Having Dental Whitening Completed By a Dentist

You may have noticed your teeth look more yellow lately, or maybe they’ve never been as white as you’d like. If you’re considering ways to whiten your smile, getting whitening done professionally by your South Loop dentist has some great advantages over doing it yourself at home. Read on to learn why you should let a dentist handle brightening your smile.

It’s More Effective

While whitening toothpastes and strips you can buy at the drugstore are inexpensive, they usually don’t produce the dramatic results you’re hoping for. In-office whitening uses a higher concentration of bleaching agents, so you’ll notice whiter teeth more quickly.

Dentists also use special lights and lasers to accelerate and enhance the whitening process. This advanced technology can make your teeth up to eight shades brighter in a single one-hour appointment.

It’s Safe and Comfortable

Over-the-counter whitening products come with risks if you don’t use them correctly. The bleaching gels can cause burns or irritation if they come in contact with your gums. When you have a professional do the whitening, they’ll carefully apply the gel only to your teeth.

A barrier is placed to protect your gums from sensitivity or damage. You’ll also receive any necessary post-procedure care instruction. Having an expert do the process gives peace of mind that it’s done safely.

It’s Long Lasting

While drugstore whitening strips may provide a quick fix, the results often start to fade after a couple of weeks. Professionally whitened teeth can stay brighter for several years with proper dental care and occasional touch-up treatments.

That means you get more value for your investment long-term when you have it done by a professional. No more wasting money on products that give you temporary whitening you have to keep re-applying.

No Mess or Hassle

Whitening your teeth yourself can be time-consuming and messy. Strip packages and trays with gel can clutter up your bathroom. And if you have sensitivities, you may need to try multiple products and methods before finding one that works but still causes minimal pain.

Having your dentist handle the process means you skip the trial and error and walk out of the office with immediately whiter teeth. The only real effort required on your part is scheduling the appointment and showing up.

Customized to You

Since over-the-counter products are made for the general public, they use a one-size-fits-all approach. When a dentist whitens your teeth professionally, the procedure gets tailored to your individual needs and goals.

The dentist will examine your teeth and gums to determine the best bleaching agent and strength to use. You can also communicate the level of whiteness you want to achieve. This customization produces optimal results.

Prevents Other Oral Health Issues

Finally, having a dentist perform dental whitening gives them the chance to catch other developing oral health issues you may not have noticed. They can look for signs of decay, infections, grinding damage, gum disease and more during the procedure.

Catching and treating problems early prevents painful complications down the road. It’s an added bonus on top of getting a brighter and whiter smile in the same appointment.

While over-the-counter teeth whitening kits seem like an easy option, having whitening done professionally offers superior results that last. You skip the hassles and risks of doing it yourself and get a customized treatment administered safely by an expert.

So visit your dentist to experience the benefits firsthand of brightening your smile the proper way. You’ll love how transformative it is while also taking a proactive step for your overall oral well-being.


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