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The 5 Most Common Effects Of A Car Crash And How To Feel Better ASAP

38,000 people.

That number reflects the average number of deaths per year from car accidents, but it doesn’t include the number of people who experience injuries from collisions.

If you ever experience a car crash, you might have injuries from it. You might also have some other effects.

This guide explains five of the most common effects people experience after car accidents, along with tips to know what to do to feel better quickly.

1. Body Aches and Soreness

One of the most common effects of a car crash is body aches and soreness. It’s normal to feel these things, even after minor collisions.

Many people ignore these signs, though, assuming they’ll go away if they don’t have major injuries. You shouldn’t ignore them, however, as they might be signs of a bigger and more serious problem.

Instead, you should seek medical help immediately after the accident.

2. Whiplash

Many people get injured in a car crash, and some end up with whiplash. Unfortunately, whiplash doesn’t show up right away in most cases. Instead, you feel it days later.

Whiplash occurs from the trauma you experience from getting thrown forward when colliding with another vehicle. Whiplash often requires medical treatment, and in some cases, it can cause long-lasting damage to the body.

Doctors treat this condition, but you can also receive treatment from chiropractors and physical therapists.

3. Broken Bones

Surviving a car crash means that you can continue living your life, but it doesn’t mean you won’t have injuries from the collision. Many victims break bones during car accidents. You might break an arm, leg, or another bone.

A broken bone requires medical help, and it might require surgery, physical therapy, and visits to other doctors.

4. Concussions

Another one of the top car crash injuries you might experience is a concussion. A concussion is an injury to the head, and it also occurs from trauma to the head.

Getting treatment for a concussion is crucial, as concussions can have long-lasting results.

When you experience a concussion from a car crash, you might not realize you have it. However, the signs will show within a few days.

Some of the signs include headache pain, dizziness, and confusion. You might have short-term memory loss and other symptoms, too.

5. Neck and Back Injuries

Car accident injuries can also cause long-term neck and back injuries. If you have a major neck or back injury, you might be in for a long recovery process. In some cases, you might have pain for the rest of your life.

When you suffer a major injury from an accident, you’ll be needing an accident attorney. An accident attorney helps you settle your case and receive as much compensation as possible.

Seek Legal Help After a Car Crash

If you have injuries, stress, or other effects from a recent car crash, you should seek the medical help you need. You might also want to consider hiring a personal injury lawyer to help you settle the case.

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