Streamline Your Operations With Effective Utility Management Solutions
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Streamline Your Operations With Effective Utility Management Solutions

Streamline your utility management with our fully integrated customer information system. Easily set up customer accounts, enter meter readings, and generate invoices.

Technology has become essential for driving efficiency in every industry in a digitized world. Utility management solutions improve access to documentation, facility management, work order tracking, and maintenance planning.

Create a Comprehensive Budget

Insights from utility management solutions empower a proactive approach to energy costs, equipment upgrades, and sustainability initiatives. These applications help you better track, report, and forecast energy use through granular data, automate billing for shared spaces, and optimize your cost allocation internally.

Managing utilities is an essential component of building operations. Typically, it involves coordinating and overseeing energy supply, water services, and waste disposal. It also addresses infrastructure needs, financial management, customer service, regulatory compliance, and strategic planning.

Energy can be a considerable expense in any property. Tracking your usage can prevent unnecessary waste of electricity and water. With your utility monitoring & management software, you can avoid this by setting alerts & warnings when the limit is about to end. This is a great way to increase productivity and prevent potential monetary loss.

You can also create work orders to streamline the process and reduce manual effort. It can also help you identify areas where improvements can be made.

Create a Clear Process

Creating a plan for how your team can work effectively is essential to achieving success with intelligent utility management. It helps to establish a clear accountability framework and revisit the plan regularly.

Using the right utility management software helps eliminate many manual processes associated with tracking and reviewing utilities like electricity, natural gas, fuel oil, water, sewer, phone service, internet services, waste removal, and other utility costs. It also provides a centralized database that can be used to produce helpful management reports and compare energy costs or consumption year over year.

You can use this information to make smarter energy management decisions that align with your sustainability goals and improve productivity. For example, you can use this data to determine which assets require the most attention. It allows you to prioritize work for those at risk of failure and deliver more efficient service.

Automate Your Processes

Keeping track of utility and energy data requires a large amount of work. It includes a lengthy process of collecting, assimilating, and submitting invoices for approval. It can be time-consuming and impede productivity.

Automating your utility management processes helps to alleviate your employees’ workload. This way, they can complete other tasks that require their skills. 

A third party can help to streamline this workflow by aggregating utility-billing data from multiple sources. Then, they can deliver this in a format easily ingested by your software system. Additionally, they can help normalize the data sets for water, gas, and electricity usage.

It’s important to identify patterns and trends to allocate resources more effectively. This is an essential step in reducing your overall energy consumption. It also helps you to make smarter decisions about your upgrades and sustainability initiatives.

Monitor Your Energy Usage

Streamlined utility management processes allow businesses to effectively monitor their energy usage and costs, identify wasteful spending, and develop strategies that will save them money in the long run. Effective utility management software allows companies to upload consolidated billing data and automatically process it for quicker turnarounds and easier management reporting.

By automating the tracking of utilities and reducing costs with simple tools, companies can improve their productivity without worrying about manual processes that can lead to errors or downtime. Track and manage your water, electricity, gas, and other assets in one place to ensure that essential data is always accessible, including budget data, avoided cost information, energy monitoring results, asset performance reports, walkthrough checklists, and more.

Make informed decisions with the help of reliable utility management software that can reduce the time spent on back-office tasks and free up resources for other initiatives. 


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