Spinning Wheels: Why So Many People Enjoy This Type of Giveaway

Gamification is the practice of using gameplay design and principles in unexpected ways. While the practice is far from new, it’s bigger than ever, with a global market value of almost $96 billion

Gamification in marketing creates an interactive opportunity for customers. It also comes with the potential for rewards. To this day, there’s no better gamification marketing tool than spinning wheels.

Why do spinning wheels continue to captivate audiences? Read on to find out.

Eye-Catching Graphics

The first step to increasing user engagement is to capture user attention. Spinning wheels, including digital options on a raffle website, are often colorful and whimsical. They’re more appealing than your traditional pop-up because they signify that there is fun to be had. 

Plus, spinning wheels offer familiarity. Thanks to gameshows, board games, and carnival games, most people know what a spinning wheel is and what it signifies as soon as they see it. 

Ease of Use

Gamification may rely on the basic tenants of gaming but in marketing, it shouldn’t require a ton of game technique. If users don’t know what to do or how to engage, few will take the time to find out.

Even for the rare consumer who has never seen a spinning wheel before, the rules of the game don’t take long to master. All you need to do is click a button and the digital wheel takes care of the rest. 

Scaled Prizes

There are many ways to approach the prize giveaway. These days, social media raffles come to mind. In a social media raffle, social media users follow the rules of entry and one person (or a few people) gets selected at random to win a specific prize.

Spinning wheels offer scaled prizes, meaning that in one way or another, everyone is a winner. Very few people will win the biggest prize, whether that’s a mystery box of products or a lump sum of cash. However, many people will win small prizes like discounts, extra spins, or small gifts with their next purchase. 

Low-Stakes Thrill

Why do spinning wheels have the power to bring consumers back to your website day after day? They offer a memorable experience of a low-stakes thrill.

Many people are intrigued by the concept of luck, the invisible force that seems to determine so many things in our lives. Spinning wheels give people a chance to test their luck without running any major risks. When you’re offering nothing but potential gain, you’re bound to hook some loyal players.

Use Spinning Wheels to Gamify Your Marketing

What if you could turn your potential consumers into the most avid players of your marketing games? Gamification makes that not only possible but simple, and spinning wheels are one of the best ways to get started. Next time you’re planning a giveaway or sale, offer it up on a spinning platter.

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