Portobello Mushroom Debate Scares Joe Rogan's Guest to Death

Portobello Mushroom Debate Scares Joe Rogan’s Guest to Death

A controversial comment was made about portobello mushrooms by UFC commentator and famous podcaster Joe Rogan made a controversial comment about portobello mushrooms. Paul Stamets was his guest that night, a mycologist and entrepreneur. The study of fungi is what Paul does as a mycologist. A sudden halt occurred during his discussion about portobello mushrooms.

The original claim made by Paul was, “Portabellos have a problem.”. It is important to cook mushrooms thoroughly, and it’s necessary to cook portabello mushrooms at high temperatures.”

In response to why, Paul said agaritines were to blame. He says, “agaritines belong to an unfortunate group of compounds.”These compounds are hydrazines, and their heat-negative effects remain unclear.”

In casual conversation, Rogan asked him what the negative effects of this would be. It was unnatural that Paul became defensive and said, “This is an explosive topic of discussion that puts my life at risk, so I reserve the right to refuse to answer.”

Portobello mushrooms became a dark topic of conversation, seemingly out of nowhere. The conversation continued without Rogan pestering after this. Since then, fans have wondered what could have caused Paul to fear speaking out.

What made Paul Stamets afraid while discussing portobello mushrooms on Joe Rogan Experience?

Author and advocate Paul knows something the public shouldn’t know about medicinal fungi and mycoremediation. I can only assume that’s why he wouldn’t speak up about portobello mushrooms’ negative side effects.

However, the public was going to speak up. Each person came up with their own theories. Some stories seemed plausible, and some seemed ridiculous.

Users on Reddit and Twitter contribute theories of their own. One of the most common ones was agaritines’ carcinogenic properties. The portobello mushroom contains agaritines, a substance linked to cancer. It is believed that Paul was apprehensive about revealing this information since it could practically destroy the mushroom industry if it were revealed.

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Several users discovered that hydrazines can be used as rocket fuel. Their theory was that Paul discovered how to use hydrazines as rocket fuel by extracting them. Therefore, the rocket fuel industry would collapse.

Other theories suggest that cartels and the mafia are responsible for the portobello mushroom industry. It would be dangerous to speak up about it. A Twitter user claimed that organized crime runs the US portobello mushroom industry.

Five years have passed since this podcast episode aired. It is still unclear why Paul made these remarks; the public has yet to receive an official explanation.

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