Planning For The Future: What You Need To Know About Funerals

Many events in life don’t need to be planned for, and sometimes it can be nice to be spontaneous. Still, some eventualities are definite and need to be planned for. After all, in the words of Benjamin Franklin, ‘nothing in this world can be said to be certain except death and taxes’.

When you are making end-of-life plans you need to consider both. Here is a simple guide to help you get your funeral and celebration of life plans started.

Choose A Funeral Home Ahead Of Time

One of the most important decisions you need to make when making plans for your own funeral or for a recently departed loved one is choosing a funeral home. You need to consider a number of factors including location, amenities, the size of the facility, and whether you want a burial or a cremation.

Take a look at this Funeral Home & Crematory in Georgia. Ingram Funeral Home & Crematory offers a planning service that can help you to make all the arrangements you need for a celebration of life service. They can also provide grief support for family members which gives you extra peace of mind when choosing a funeral home.

Involve Your Family

When planning your funeral it is a good idea to involve a family member. Though this could cause them some distress it is advisable to have someone close to you that is well-versed in your end-of-life plans. They can be an advocate for your wishes in your absence and make sure your plans are followed.

The loss of a loved one can be a very distressing and emotional time. Talk through some of your decisions with your whole family and let them know who you have put in charge of fulfilling your wishes. This can cut down on emotionally charged conflicts between family members in the wake of your death.

Plan The Finances

Funerals do not have to be expensive. If you have plans for an extravagant celebration of life service for your funeral or cremation, it will be more costly than a smaller and more subdued service. It is important to have the finances you need in place to help pay for your funeral or the funeral of a loved one.

You should have a financial plan in place to ensure you get the service you want without leaving a bill for family members to cover. This will add to your peace of mind when funeral planning. Planning ahead helps take any excess stress out of a celebration of life service.

Make A Will

Without a legal will in place, you can leave a mess behind that your recently bereaved family members have to sort through. This can often come at additional costs to your estate, reducing the amount you leave behind for your family and loved ones. Do not plan your funeral without also planning your will.

There is lots of help available online, and even some online will writing services. You may not have to contact an attorney to complete a will and can write your own, known as a holographic will. These are not accepted as legal wills in every state, so check your local regulations before choosing this option.

Follow these funeral planning tips and you can ensure you get the celebration of life that you want without leaving bills and debt behind. Planning for the future is important, especially if you are the head of a household and a parent.


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