You may have read that PIP doesn't cover motorcycles, but this depends on where you live. Learn more about personal insurance protection (PIP) coverage here.
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PIP Coverage and Motorcycles: What You Need to Know

Sadly, 5,014 motorcyclists lost their lives in an accident while riding in 2019. In addition, thousands more suffered injuries in accidents. Like other vehicle accidents, auto insurance can cover these injuries and the medical expenses that come with treating them. 

You may be familiar with PIP coverage for vehicles. What you may not know is that it doesn’t apply to motorcycles in the same manner as it does to your car. 

This guide will help you understand what PIP coverage is and how it relates to motorcycles. 

What Is PIP Coverage?

Personal injury protection (PIP) insurance may also have the name of no-fault insurance. This insurance covers the medical expenses of those injured in an accident, no matter who the at-fault driver is. 

For some states, PIP coverage is a required piece of your vehicle insurance. For other states, it’s an available add-on that you can choose to have as a part of your policy. 

When buying PIP medical expense coverage, you will have to choose a dollar amount. This is the amount of coverage that your policy will have. For states that require coverage, there’s typically a minimum dollar amount that drivers must purchase. 

While you must purchase the minimum, you aren’t limited to it. Consider purchasing higher coverage limits if you have more personal wealth or higher valued property that you want to protect. 

What Does PIP Coverage Cover?

This coverage addresses the expenses that are associated with the medical treatment required after an accident. This could include any emergency room charges, medical care, doctor visits, ambulance bill, and prescriptions. 

It can also cover your transportation to and from your medical appointments. Nonmedical expenses can get included in certain situations. These include lost wages and child care. 

If you have questions about what your specific policy covers, it’s best to speak with an attorney experienced in motorcycle accidents. The lawyers at are ready to speak with you during a consultation. 

PIP Coverage and Motorcycles 

States vary when it comes to PIP coverage requirements and motorcycles. Just because it’s required for four-wheeled vehicles doesn’t mean it is also required for motorcycles. This can become more complicated when you ride in a no-fault state. 

If you find yourself injured in a motorcycle accident where the other driver is in a vehicle, then you are limited by the other driver’s PIP limits. If the state is a no-fault state, then the at-fault driver’s PIP insurance coverage is the dominant coverage. If their coverage is less than yours, then this can be a frustrating limitation in coverage. 

Other Options 

Don’t leave yourself vulnerable; you can purchase other types of coverage to ensure you are fully protected. Consider adding uninsured motorists, underinsured motorists, medical payment, comprehensive, collision, or towing and labor coverages. 

Protect Yourself While Riding Your Motorcycle

If you ride a motorcycle, your state may not require you to purchase PIP coverage. However, this does not mean that you don’t need to purchase it. Having PIP coverage can provide you with an extra layer of protection when participating in the inherently dangerous activity of riding a motorcycle. 

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