How much do you know about the differences between the following: live resin vs. shatter? Read on to learn more on the subject.
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Live Resin vs. Shatter: What Are the Differences?

66% of cannabis users in a recent study reported that they use marijuana concentrates. If you want to take your stoner experience to the next level you should give them a try too.

But what types of concentrates are out there and what one is best for you? Two popular ones are live resin and shatter. The differences between live resin vs. shatter are pronounced in both form and function.

Both offer some pluses and minuses in the world of cannabis concentrate consumption. If you are ready to take the next step in stonerdom but don’t know how to begin, read this guide to live resin vs. shatter to get some clarity.

What is Live Resin? A Live Resin Guide

Live resin is a very concentrated form of marijuana. Like all concentrates, it can have THC percentages in the upper 80’s or ’90s. Live resin preserves the terpenes, aromatic qualities, and flavors of the traditional plant.

It is cheaper to make than other forms of concentrates and its price tag reflects this. It is pretty soft but not as soft or viscous as wax. It sits between the spectrum of harder cannabis wax and softer cannabis sauce or goo.

What is Shatter? A Shatter Guide

Shatter is one of the hardest, least malleable cannabis concentrates available to the modern stoner. It still has very high THC percentages and some stoners believe it is the most potent form of concentrate. 

It gets its name because it is very brittle and will shatter if subjected to blunt force. Like all concentrates shatter, is usually dabbed at the expense of the user’s sobriety. Shatter is very strong and for experienced stoners only. Check out cheap shatter Canada for more info.

Live Resin vs. Shatter a Brief Breakdown

Live resin is softer and more malleable than shatter. It often is cheaper to produce and may have a slightly lower THC content. Live resin also has a more aromatic and flavorful profile.

Shatter tends to be more expensive than live resin. It is less malleable and is on the harder end of the spectrum than live resin. Shatter is also made with hydrocarbons in its production process.

Which One Should I Choose?

You really can’t go wrong picking either live resin or shatter. If you prefer a more hard concentrate consistency, shatter is your best option. If you prefer the consistency of your concentrates to be softer choose live resin.

If you like flavorful aromatic cannabis products, choose live resin. Why not check out all of your live resin and shatter options here and see what makes the most sense? You may want to give both of them a try to see what you like.

Give Them Both a Try

When deliberating between live resin vs. shatter you shouldn’t limit yourself to one. They both have their inherent characteristics that some people like more than others.

Your best bet to find out what type works best for you is to try them both. Use the information in this guide to guide your cannabis concentrates journey. Keep stopping back to our corner of the internet for other riveting content!


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