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Knowing Your Limits: A Guide To Creating A Healthy Routine To Help With Anxiety

More than 8 million adults have an ADHD diagnosis. With it comes anxiety, symptoms of which include nausea, dizziness, restlessness, increased heart rate, sweating, and sleep problems. If you’ve been diagnosed with ADHD, you’re probably wondering “What is Adderall used for?”. It is an effective treatment, especially when used with other methods of coping with anxiety. 

Evaluate Current Routine

Anxiety often occurs in adults because they take on too much and don’t create routines that work for them. What is your current routine like? Are you rushing around in the morning, skipping lunch to attend client meetings, or working late into the night? Envision your dream routine. What can you do to start building the one you’d prefer? Perhaps it’s agreeing to turn off your work phone after 6:00 p.m. or maybe you’d like to add exercise into your day. Once you decide how you want your days to look, you can begin making changes that put you on the right track.

Set Your Priorities

You already started restructuring your routine to better implement your overall priorities, but prioritizing each day is necessary as well. Skip the ever-growing to-do list in favor of choosing two or three most urgent tasks per day to focus on. Perhaps you have an important work e-mail to send. Maybe you promised you’d have lunch with your family. When you have small, digestible goals in mind each day, you make it easy to remain productive while easing some of the anxiety that comes with trying to tackle a larger list.

Treat Your Body Better

Treating your physical health better is likely to lower your anxiety levels. Getting enough sleep, working out regularly, eating healthy meals, and drinking plenty of water helps to balance your body. When your body feels better, your mind is likely to follow. Try incorporating small changes to avoid overwhelming yourself. Go to bed an hour earlier or at night, walk around your neighborhood, or grab some healthy snacks to keep at your desk at work. If you have ADHD, it may also help to use ADHD products adults.

Incorporate Self Check-Ins

People tend to check in on each other but forget to check in with themselves. Self-check-ins are vital for living a happy life and combatting the symptoms of anxiety, though. Checking in could mean consciously feeling your emotions, reciting positive affirmations, meditating, or setting aside time at the end of the day to think about what went well and what you’d like to change for the next day. Journaling is a popular self-reflection method that allows you to examine your feelings while also providing memories for you to look back on. 

Checking in with yourself and creating healthier routines is likely to ease symptoms of anxiety, but it isn’t always easy to do alone. Don’t be afraid to schedule an appointment with a therapist, psychiatrist, or your family doctor regarding your symptoms. A professional can teach you about Brillia ADHD side effects and help you find the right treatment to meet your needs.


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