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How to Maximize Small Bathroom Spaces

Make the most of nooks and crannies with creative storage ideas. For example, you can install narrow drawers to hold toiletries and cleaning supplies instead of a full cabinet under a sink. Traditional swing doors can eat up space, but pocket door options slide into the wall when open to keep floor area free. Light-colored storage units and sleek organizers help a bathroom look more prominent and less cluttered.

Light Colors

Streamline the look of small bathrooms by incorporating neutral paint hues that brighten the room. Sherwin-Williams’ Alabaster, for instance, has cool undertones and works well in rooms that require light. Alternatively, add warmth with a deep blue shade like Sherwin-Williams’ Cascades.

This rich, midnight blue adds a sophisticated charisma to any bathroom and pairs beautifully with brass accents. Plan when you build to include floor to ceiling built in bathroom cabinets for storing toiletries and pretty trinkets. These recessed storage options help maximize floor space and create an uncluttered look.

Wall-Mounted Cabinets

Mounted cabinets take up less floor space and offer plenty of storage. A mirrored medicine cabinet hides clutter while providing easy access to toothpaste, floss, soap, and other toiletries. Hanging shelves and racks near the sink or around a mirror can also make a big difference in small spaces.

You can pick these storage options from various sizes, shapes, and materials. Over-the-toilet storage solutions are another great way to tame a cluttered bathroom. They come in various models, colors, and finishes to suit any style.

Freestanding Shelves or Racks

If you have an awkward built-in nook that feels like a waste of space, consider turning it into functional storage. Install a slim shelf or cabinet with individual open cubbies to house extra towels and products, or choose stylish baskets that double as decor.

Floating shelves are also a great option when floor space is limited. Choose a minimalist style with pretty brackets to keep the look sleek and simple. Alternatively, hang an over-the-door organizer or shower caddy to keep towels, skincare, and toiletries organized without eating up the floor room.

In-Cabinet Organizers

When wall space is scarce, opt for recessed bathroom storage solutions. These tall, slender cabinets fit easily into the area above a toilet, offering considerable shelves and cabinet space without taking up valuable floor space. Add a magnetic message board inside a cabinet door to hold tiny grooming supplies and small items like cotton balls or Q-tips. Then, when you open the door, the items are at your fingertips.


Adding mirrors is an inexpensive way to make small bathrooms feel more significant. Opt for frameless, decorative mirrors with a thin frame that doesn’t occupy wall space. Hang two mirrors side-by-side to create a fun, layered look, or hang one large wall-to-wall mirror to elongate the space.

Opposite a window is an excellent idea because it will encourage natural light to flow throughout the room. Use mirrored medicine cabinet designs to add storage to a small bathroom without occupying floor space. These cabinets typically swing open and have shelves inside for extra storage.

Corner Fixtures

A bathroom is often enclosed, but clever designs can open it up to create a sense of spaciousness. Installing shelving over the toilet, behind a shower, or in a corner frees up floor area and provides an attractive way to store bathroom items without cluttering the room. Similarly, slim built-in cabinetry offers plenty of storage without taking up wall space. Use drawer dividers to keep smaller accessories like hair ties and clips organized, and you’ll be left with more space for towels.

Large Tiles

A few intelligent storage solutions can turn your tiny bathroom into a luxe retreat. Look for unique shelving options to keep toiletries and decor elements within reach, or opt for a rolling cart that can store towels and cleaning tools without taking up floor space. Light-colored tiles are an excellent choice for small spaces because they reflect light and make the room feel bigger. Similarly, large-format tiles create fewer grout lines and add visual impact to the space.

Tile Patterns

Everything should be on-limits when it comes to storage in small bathrooms. Even nooks like the back of the toilet can become handy spots for storage with the help of attractive wire-backed shelves. Sticking to a clean design is always a good idea in small rooms, but even plain tiles can be given new life with creative patterns. For instance, diagonal tile arrangements might deceive the eye into believing a room is more significant than it is.


Clutter can quickly build up in small bathrooms. A thorough decluttering is essential before you invest in new storage products. Organize items together by type, such as hair accessories and bobby pins. Consider a medicine cabinet that can hide extra toiletries without taking up valuable floor space. Floating shelves, simple decor, and baskets are all great ways to keep bathroom clutter at bay.


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