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4 Advantages of Building a Mudroom

If you’ve never heard the term “mudroom,” you may not know what it means. Mudrooms are also known as entryways or breezeways and are small storage areas between the inside and outside of your home. If your home could use extra space, here are four advantages to building a mudroom.

1. Frees Up Space

Most people use a mudroom to store shoes and clothing they wear outside. Keeping boots, coats, hats, and scarves in a mudroom frees up closet space and keeps these items from being strewn around the house. See how you can create an extra room by checking out mudroom design options today.

2. Keeps Messes Outside

Besides being a creative storage nook, mudrooms also keep the inside of your house tidy. With boot trays and weather-proof rugs, snow, rain, and muddy footprints stay out of the main areas of your home.

3. Insulates Your Home

If keeping money in your pocket sounds appealing, a mudroom will help you do just that. Mudrooms conserve energy by creating an insulated barrier between the outside weather and the inside of your home. Your house will be cooler in the summer and warmer during the winter, lowering your power bill.

4. Makes for a Faster Commute

Would you like to add an extra five minutes to your work or school commute? When you put in a mudroom, everyone knows exactly where their coat, gloves, and boots are. There’s no frantic, last-minute search in the morning, so you and your kids can make it out the door on time every day.

A mudroom is one of the handiest little rooms you can have. When you build a uniquely-designed mudroom, you’ll have a neater, more energy-efficient home.


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