Looking for some natural health tips? Here are a few ways to incorporate natural health into your daily living through food, exercise, and more.
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How to Incorporate Natural Health Into Your Daily Routine

It’s safe to say that our habits make or break us. As a critical part of our daily routines, our habits can impact our health, happiness, and even stress levels—which is why they’re worth paying attention to.

Of course, starting a new healthy habit isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Research shows that it can take anywhere from 18 to 254 days to form a new habit!

However, even if creating a new routine is a struggle, the effort may be worth it when it comes to your natural health. Working more healthy habits into your usual routine can set you up for better health in the long term while allowing you to reap the natural benefits of your current wellness.

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Want to learn how to work more natural health habits into your lifestyle? Here are a few of the most important strategies to try.

Drink More Water

You’ve probably heard this one before: you should be drinking more water.

Research suggests that we should all be drinking about eight to ten glasses of water per day, depending on factors like age, gender, and weight. However, a 2020 study showed that only around 22% of all U.S. adults are drinking enough.

Staying hydrated is a crucial part of maintaining your natural health, as so much of our body’s mechanisms depend on water. Drinking enough water can help ensure your immune system function, proper skin hydration, and better digestion. It can even help with your mood and brain function!

The bottom line is that you should drink up, especially if you’re active on a regular basis—which we’ll get into below.

Get More Exercise

According to recommendations from the CDC, we should all be getting around 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity per week, in addition to muscle-strengthening activities.

If you’re not meeting those recommendations, it may be time to find better ways to incorporate activity into your routine.

There are plenty of simple habit changes that can help you get more exercise in a more natural way:

  • Take a child, spouse, or pet for a walk
  • Take the stairs
  • Do a workout during a must-see TV show
  • Walk to nearby destinations
  • Try a ten-minute workout on busy days
  • Do stretches and strength exercises during work breaks
  • Turn house chores into exercises

By taking advantage of odd moments during your day, or by shuffling your schedule around to make more time for exercise, you can make sure you’re getting all of the natural health benefits that a good workout can offer.

Make Time for Relaxation

Being active is a crucial part of maintaining your natural health, but relaxation and downtime are just as important.

Research shows that stress can have negative effects on our health, especially chronic stress. That’s why it’s a good idea to make time for relaxation on a daily or weekly basis.

This will look different for everyone, as no two people will get the same relaxation benefits from the same activity. However, there are a few good places you might want to start.

Physical relaxation strategies like yoga and massage can be great for those who prefer tactile, kinesthetic activities. Meditation, prayer, and mindfulness are good options for anyone who needs a little mental focus.

In addition, self-care strategies like taking a nap, doing a DIY spa day, or reading a good book can help. Some people also find that aromatherapy or relaxing CBD products from a source like the Infused CBD Marketplace can help.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure to make time for it on a regular basis, as having a natural stress-relieving activity can help you cope with weekly complications.

Eat More Whole Foods

What could be more natural than whole foods? If you’re trying to incorporate more natural health into your life, you can’t go wrong if you start with what you’re putting into your body.

Whole foods include unprocessed items like whole grains, fruits and vegetables, fresh fish and lean meats, and healthy fats and dairy products.

Of course, steering clear of the processed foods we all know and love isn’t always easy—but it’s worth trying to make it part of your routine. There are plenty of easy ways to eat more whole foods, from substituting old favorites with healthy alternatives or reading labels with care.

Go Natural With Your Beauty Routine

You’d be surprised at how many of the products you use on a regular basis have added chemicals that can impact your health. This is especially true of your beauty routine, as the products that sit on your face, skin, and hair each day will impact your overall health.

Wherever possible, aim to go natural with your beauty routine. This can be as simple as using coconut oil on your hair or argan oil for your nail beds instead of chemical-laden products. CBD oil can be a great way to clear up breakouts, and avocado oil can help hydrate your skin.

If you’re not sure where to start with this routine, visit a natural health center or drugstore in your area.

Start a Sleep Ritual

If you’ve been keeping up with natural health news for a while, you probably already know that getting enough sleep is a huge part of your natural wellness. Most of us don’t get the recommended eight hours on a regular basis, which can hurt our long-term health.

Sleep rituals can help with this. Designed to trigger your mind into feeling tired, they consist of regular habits that you’ll do every day before bed.

Your sleep ritual can be unique to your needs, but consider a few of the following:

  • Turn off all screens an hour before bed
  • Start an evening tea ritual with natural herbs
  • Do an herbal soak in the tub before bed
  • Read a book until you feel sleepy
  • Meditate or do some light yoga
  • Listen to calming music as you get ready for bed

By setting the mood with these tactics day in and day out, you can prompt your brain to get ready to sleep as needed.

Take Care of Your Natural Health

Whether you’re incorporating a few simple changes to your habits or visiting a natural health store, it’s important to consider how your routine affects your overall wellness. Your daily activities, diet, and relaxation tactics might not seem important on any single day, but when you string together a chain of days where you care for your health, you’ll start to see a difference! Take some time to consider the changes you’ll need to make in your own routine, and work on improving your natural health one day at a time.

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