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How to Design a Backyard That Everyone Will Love

Did you know that 70% of homeowners say a large backyard is a must-have? It’s a great piece of land where you, your family members, and friends can relax and play, after all.

But you can’t just lay down sod, set up some patio furniture, and call it a day. You need to have a great backyard design to not only take advantage of every square inch, but to also ensure it looks great.

Designing a backyard can be tough though. But it’s definitely possible to create a dream backyard.

Read on to see how to design a backyard that everyone will love!

Think About Your “Want” List

First, think about everything you want in your backyard. For example, maybe you want to have more BBQs with friends, a more kid-friendly yard, or a vegetable garden.

When you have a clear vision of what your backyard needs to achieve, it’ll be easier to see which features take priority.

Consider Your Home’s Current Style

You need to make your home’s exterior cohesive with the interior. Otherwise, it can feel jarring to step into a different world!

For instance, if you have a nautical theme inside, then extend it outside with driftwood furniture and pastel blue patio furniture. That way, your outdoor space feels like an extension of your indoor space.

Don’t Forget About Size Limitations

Most of us would love a huge outdoor kitchen and pool. But in a modest house, these things would either look ridiculous or be flat-out impossible to build.

When you pull together all the elements you want, it’s likely you’ll have to compromise or even eliminate things. For example, instead of a huge outdoor kitchen, you can put in a fire pit instead.

And instead of a large pool, you can have a narrow one along the side of your backyard. This will leave plenty of space for everyone to gather and pass a ball around.

Call the Pros In

You might have all these great backyard ideas, but it won’t really matter until you get input from a pro.

Those who design custom outdoor living spaces for a living will know exactly what will work (and what won’t). Plus, they’ll be able to draw upon their years of experience to make small suggestions that’ll make a huge difference.

Spending a little money having an expert help design your backyard will be worth it when the layout looks nice and makes sense.

Know How to Design a Backyard Well

Now you know how to design a backyard that’ll look and feel great. Not only should you think about what you want, but also what your home’s current style is and how much room you have.

More importantly, you’ll want to consult with professional designers and builders. They can tell you if your dreams are attainable and if so, they can bring them to life!

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