Creative Ways to Pick Lottery Numbers

Did you know that about half of Americans play the lottery? Despite the incredible odds, people are still drawn to the possibility of getting the perfect combination of numbers and striking it rich.

When it comes to playing the lottery, everyone seems to have a strategy to pick lottery numbers. While many just simply let the machine randomly select their lotto numbers, many others have personal strategies.

In this article, we’ll take you through several creative ways to possibly come up with your own winning lottery numbers. So keep on reading to learn more!

1. Study the Stats

It’s important to point out that past performance is not indicative of future results. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use historical data and statistics to give yourself a possible edge. 

Some numbers just seem to be drawn more often than others for some reason. You can find various sites online that tell you exactly which numbers are the most common, when they usually get drawn, and much more.

If you’re serious about winning the lottery then you should definitely consider this method. 

2. Use Lucky Numbers

Pretty much everyone has a lucky number. Maybe it’s a number that seems to always come up in your life when something good happens.

Maybe it’s your birthday or the jersey number that you wore on the football team. You don’t need a strong reason to have a lucky number. But your lucky number is as good as any.

3. Pick High Numbers

No, we’re not implying that high numbers are more likely to be drawn than low numbers. But we do know that high numbers are less likely to be picked on a lotto card than low numbers.

Why? Because we mostly deal with low numbers in our lives. Nobody has a birthday that goes past 31, for example.

If you pick a number that other people are less likely to pick and you do end up winning, then you won’t have to split the pot with as many players. 

4. Make A Pattern

Look at your lottery card. Are there any patterns that mean a lot to you?

Maybe you’re an affectionate person. Try to cross off the numbers on your card to make a heart.

Maybe you’re a devout Christian. Then why not try to make a cross on your card?

No matter what method or pattern you choose, just make sure that you pick a lottery that’s worth playing, like the reputable Texas Lottery. You can even click here for draw schedule to learn more.

How Will You Pick Lottery Numbers?

It’s pretty easy and fun to pick lottery numbers. So why not buy several tickets and try out different methods. The more you play the lottery, the more comfortable you’ll get with choosing numbers that are special to you.

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