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How Old Is Angela on 90 Day Fiance?

Angela Deem is known for her appearance in several TV shows. How old is Angela on 90 Day Fiance is a common question among the viewers. Angela Deem is currently 57+ years old.

She is well-known for her roles on television and as an actor. Michael Ilesanmi and the American social media celebrity have a storyline together on the show.

Angela Deem’s History on 90 Day Fiance

In “90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days,” the second season, Angela Deem made her television debut.

Season 2

Angela Deem was shown as a middle-aged Georgian woman in this series. A younger Nigerian man named Michael Ilesanmi was her long-distance partner. Their connection was hampered by their vast age gaps and cultural divides.

Season 3

In the third season, Angela’s storyline continued. As she flew to Nigeria to meet Michael’s family, viewers followed her adventure. They kept figuring out how to deal with one another’s complexity.

Season 4

In 90 Day Fiance’s fourth season, Angela and Michael are the subject of this series after completing the K-1 visa application procedure. After the marriage, Angela is shown getting to know their life.

Season 5

The fifth season’s story revolves around their new relationship and personal struggles.

Season 6

Angela was hoping that Michael would go to America in season six, and she was going to surprise him by going on a weight loss journey.

Fig 1 – Angela Deem before and after weight loss

Season 7

Angela discovered Michael’s visa rejection in season 7. The pair had further arguments over marital problems during her third visit to his nation.

Personal Details of Angela Deem

Angela Deem has been popular in social media in recent times. Angela Kaye Deem was born on December 9, 1965. As of 2024, she is currently 58 years old. Here are some info on her:

Full NameAngela Kaye Deem
OccupationActress, Businesswoman
Height5’ 7”
Weight86 kg
EducationHigh School Graduate
Notable StorylinesAge gap, Cultural differences, family issues, weight loss, and cosmetic procedures
SchoolBoone High School
Place of BirthHazelhurst, Georgia, United States
Date of BirthDecember 9, 1965
Net WorthApproximately $5 million – $6 million
Birth Sign / Star SignSagittarius
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorLight Blonde
Hair LengthMedium
Social MediaInstagram, Fanbasis

Some Interesting Facts on Angela Deem from 90 Day Fiance

Fig 2 – Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi

Here are some facts on Angela Deem that you might like:

  • Angela Deem lost around 90 lbs. with surgeries.
  • Angela married Michael Ilesanmi on January 27, 2021.
  • Angela has a pet dog named Takeshi.
  • Angela supports the Nigerian Lives Matter program.
  • She worked as a nursing assistant in the past.
  • Angela announced that Michael has changed a lot since their wedding.
  • She assumes that Michael is using her to get to the United States.
  • According to Screen Rant, Angela and Michael appear happy recently, in spite of their previous issues.

How Old Is Angela on 90 Day Fiance – FAQs

How many 90 Day Fiance episodes does Angela appear in?

116 episodes.

What shows does Angela Deem appear in?

Angela Deem appears in Entertainment Tonight, 90 Day Bares All, 90 Day Diaries, 90 Day: The Last Resort, and 90 Day Fiance.

How many children does Angela Deem have?

Angela Deem has 2 daughters: Skyla and Scottie.

How many grandchildren does Angela Deem have?

Angela has 6 grandchildren.


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