How a Private Investigator Will Help in a Divorce Case

Private investigators are often hired during divorce proceedings to help uncover evidence of infidelity. While there are many ways to catch a cheating spouse, hiring a private investigator is often seen as the most effective way to get concrete evidence.

If you suspect that your spouse has been cheating on you, it may be in your best interest to speak to a Private Investigator Vancouver company, or somewhere similar, in order to find the evidence you need to help with your case. So, let’s learn more about how these professionals can help you. 

Potential Divorce Case

A divorce case is a lawsuit that one spouse files to end the marriage. This can be because the other party has not been honest with their partner or has wronged them in some way. This may be purely suspicion or because rumours have circulated, either way – it can be beneficial to get further information and closure by using a service like Bond Rees investigations, their private investigators will attempt to pick up information from a variety of sources as well as monitor people who are involved to see if they can draw any conclusions. This can help inform you whether you need to proceed with a divorce or if there has been misunderstanding somewhere that can be resolved.

We all want fairness, and if someone has allegedly wronged us, we are likely to want to know for definite that this is the case. The report or sighting of inappropriateness on a husband or wife’s part might have come from someone that we know, so it has not been witnessed with our own eyes.

We might not want to believe it but a private investigator can find out what there is to know. This will then help us to make the right decision about staying with someone or not. It can be a difficult one where children are involved.

Unfaithful Partner

So, how can a private investigator help when an unfaithful partner is responsible for breaking up a relationship, by having an affair? Well, they can help with gathering evidence to prove an outside-of-marriage relationship is taking place.

This ideally needs to be done before filing for a divorce while marriage still means that a partner has a responsibility to remain faithful because of the marriage vows. Although, there is a call for it after the deed has been done because a partner may be breaking certain legal conditions attached to the divorce process. There may be a restraining order to think of, or the custody and access to children.

Techniques a Private Investigator Will Use to Help

A private investigator (PI) is an individual who will be hired to conduct investigations on behalf of the client. This client, in the case of infidelity, is the partner that has been wronged and is looking to achieve the best possible divorce settlement.

Where the other party has been unfaithful, this is not only good grounds for the divorce to take place but also increases the likelihood of a better settlement for the injured party, financially and in respect of child access.

A private investigator can take pictures and gather surveillance evidence of an intimate relationship taking place outside of marriage. This can be with a work colleague or someone a spouse has simply met on a train and had a liaison with. it does not matter how it started, but the key is to prove that it is going on so that it will help in court.

Divorce cases can get messy and the private investigator will help support the injured party throughout the process, which can prove traumatic. They are injured because there is a lot of mental trauma attached to divorce even if there has been no physical or domestic violence. It is the private investigator who can gather all kinds of evidence in respect of what has transpired.

If you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you, then hiring a private investigator may be the best way to get concrete evidence. A PI can conduct surveillance and gather evidence that can be used in divorce proceedings. In many cases, divorce lawyers will recommend hiring a PI if there is suspicion of infidelity.


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