How a Heating and Cooling Company Can Get Your HVAC Unit Ready For Summer
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How a Heating and Cooling Company Can Get Your HVAC Unit Ready For Summer

As the weather starts to warm up, it’s time to make sure your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is ready for the hot summer months ahead. Keeping your home’s temperatures comfortable when it’s sweltering outside is key for well-being and productivity.

Rather than trying to service the HVAC unit yourself, bring in the professionals to maximize efficiency and longevity. Here’s a look at what a reputable Durham heating and cooling company will do to get your system summer-ready.

Provide a Tune-Up and Inspection

The first step any HVAC technician will take is performing a full tune-up and inspection. This involves thoroughly cleaning the condenser unit outside, ensuring there is proper airflow around the system. They’ll check refrigerant levels, drain lines, thermostat connections, and all mechanical parts, tightening belts and connections as needed.

A good technician will also lubricate moving parts like fans and motors. Not only does a tune-up spot minor issues before they become major, it also clears out debris and dust to allow for optimal airflow.

Check Energy Efficiency and Output

A key part of an HVAC tune-up is assessing energy efficiency. Technicians will check things like coolant pressure, voltage of electrical components, and airflow to determine if your unit is operating at maximum capacity for its age.

If airflow is obstructed or refrigerant levels are low, it will have to work harder to keep your home cool, wasting energy. They may recommend upgrades or repairs to optimize energy usage. Proper cooling output is also analyzed to ensure your HVAC system can handle peak summer heat.

Clean Air Filters and Ducts

Clogged air filters and dusty ducts impede proper airflow, making your HVAC system work less efficiently. A clean air filter allows air to easily pass through the return duct and to the HVAC unit for heating or cooling.

Technicians will slide out your filter and rinse it thoroughly to remove any trapped particles and dust if it’s reusable. If you have a disposable filter, they’ll replace it if needed. For deeper cleaning, companies use special vacuums and brushes to remove residues clinging inside ducts themselves. Clean ducts equal better indoor air quality!

Apply Rust and Corrosion Protection

Since the condenser unit sits outside exposed to the elements year-round, it’s prone to rust and corrosion buildup over time. A reputable company will spray the unit with a protective corrosion inhibiting coating specifically formulated for HVAC use should it show signs of oxidization.

This prevents further rust damage from things like humidity and seasonal rain. Though thin, the spray permeates cracks to provide a barrier against corrosion and minor rust. This protects the longevity of your HVAC investment.

Advise on Refrigerant Needs

Finally, the technician will examine refrigerant levels and pressures to determine if any new coolant needs to be added. Refrigerant is what allows an AC system to actually blow cold air on hot summer days. So if it’s not fully charged properly, you won’t get those chilly temperatures you’re hoping for.

Since refrigerant leaks out slowly over years of use, adding a bit more ensures your system runs optimally. The heating and cooling company can safely top it off to recommended levels if low.

By bringing in HVAC professionals for pre-season maintenance, you can rest assured your system is prepped and ready for summer’s rising mercury levels! Proper cleaning, repairs, and preventative care equals energy savings plus reliable cooling comfort when scorching temps hit.

Get your home summer-ready by scheduling a tune-up service call today. With some TLC from the experts, your HVAC will keep you chill all season long.


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