If you're on the lookout for online casino scams, you'll need to look out for several key things that separate legitimate from scam. Learn here.
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11 Things to Look for When Avoiding Online Casino Scams

Are you wondering how to avoid scams with online casinos? 

If you love to gamble and are thinking of using an online casino, there are a few things you need to know. While there are plenty of legitimate online casinos, there are also many gambling websites that are nothing more than online casino scams. 

These websites use a variety of methods to steal your money and your identity, such as infecting your device with ransomware or closing or freezing your account after a deposit. You might also get as far as winning a game and suddenly find you cannot withdraw your winnings. In these cases, what starts as a fun hobby or pastime, can quickly turn into months of unraveling a financial or identity-related disaster. 

Fortunately, there is a way to enjoy gambling online without becoming a victim of a scam. By doing your research and following a few tips, you can quickly spot a casino scam and avoid it at all costs. 

If you are interested in gambling online but don’t want to be scammed, this short and simple guide is for you. 

1. Learn About the Common Casino Scams 

A great tip for how to avoid online scams at casinos is to learn about the most common casino scams. By learning all you can about the scams, you will be able to spot them right away. You can learn about the common scams with a simple online search. 

2. Verify the Casino License

One way to ensure the casino you are using is reputable is to verify their license. Unfortunately, just searching for a license isn’t enough as many sites will claim to be licensed when they are not. Find the license number and look it up on your country’s gambling regulator website.  

3. Use Secure Websites 

A clear sign you might be using a scam casino site is if the website is not secure. A reputable business owner will secure the company website to protect their customers from hacking and more. If the website you are using does not have a lock symbol to the left of the web address or the address does not include HTTPS, the site you are using is not secure. 

4. Browse the Website

Many scam websites will have several signs they are not reputable. They might not include any contact information and have many grammar and spelling mistakes. You might also notice the website is missing an age requirement and other regulatory information specific to the gambling industry. 

5. Contact Customer Service 

One of the best ways to check out the legitimacy of an online casino is to contact customer service. If you can find a phone number, call it and ask about the company’s license, terms and conditions, payment options, security, and more. If the representative you are speaking with will only give vague information, you are likely dealing with a scam.

5. Read the Terms and Conditions 

One trick of a scam casino is to create unreasonable terms and conditions. While reading all the fine print can be boring and seem unnecessary, it’s a great way to check out if the casino is predatory. While you should read the terms and conditions when you sign up for an account, you should also read them every time you sign up for a promotion or bonus. 

6. Research the Software Provider

A great indication of safe online casinos is the software provider for the website. The reputable software providers are expensive and require funds a scammer is not likely to pay. 

Look for one of the major providers, including Cryptologic, Microgaming, Playtech, Realtime Gaming, and Rival. If you are looking for a legitimate gambling site, visit Gambling.org. 

7. Notice Patterns in the Games 

Sometimes the casino you are checking out can look just like a reputable site. However, once you start playing games, you might notice certain patterns. 

Look for rules that are slightly different than they should be. You might also notice you win consistently at first and you never win again after a few games. 

8. Be Wary Of Unreasonable Bonuses

One way a scam casino attracts new players is with unreasonable bonuses. You might be offered an outrageous deposit bonus of 300% or more. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. 

9. Check Out the Wagering Requirement 

A common trick of a scam casino is an unreasonable wagering requirement. You might be offered a sign-up bonus of 100% of your deposit, however, the fine print states you cannot cash out until you have used 15x your deposit. 

This means, if you deposit $100, you will have to win $1500 before you can cash out. If you notice an unreasonable wagering requirement, the site is probably a scam.

10. Ask About Payment Processing Times

One question to ask when you call or chat with customer service is how long it takes to process a payment. A common scam many casino scams use is to take too long to process your payments. By delaying, you essentially never receive your payment, and instead, your money is stolen from your account. 

11. Check for Complaints 

A helpful tip for how to find safe online casinos is to check for complaints. Look for ratings and reviews that have a certain trend. When you search the casino name + complaints, you might notice players complaining about frozen accounts, hidden fees, and other common issues. You should also search if the casino is on any blacklists.  

These Are the Things to Look Out for When Avoiding Online Casino Scams

By looking out for these signs, you can avoid the most common online casino scams.

Start by researching the website and ensuring it is licensed, regulated, and secure. You should also contact customer service, read the fine print on the website, and research the software provider. Make sure to check for complaints against the casino and look for signs of a scam when playing games.

Follow these tips to safely enjoy gambling online.

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