Do I Need To Hire an Injury at Work Lawyer?

Workplace accidents can happen to anyone in the United States, with 2.8 million injuries reported annually. A workplace accident can put you in a precarious situation if you must take time to recuperate. Your time away from work could result in lost wages or your job altogether.

The situation becomes more dire if your employer or insurance attempts to deny that the injury occurred at work to avoid paying out an insurance claim. If you’re in this situation, hiring an injury at work lawyer is critical.

Luckily, this guide will provide all the information you need to determine if you should seek guidance from a workers’ compensation lawyer. Continue reading to protect your health, wealth, and rights today!

Your Employer Denies the Injury Occurred at Work

It’s wise to hire a workers’ comp lawyer if you’ve suffered a workplace accident and your employer claims it didn’t occur at work. Many companies will choose this route if the injury goes unreported. The injury can worsen as you work through it to ensure you have the money to cover your living expenses.

It’s also a case worth fighting if you suffer an injury or illness due to long-term exposure to a toxic or dangerous chemical. Hire a workers’ compensation lawyer to take your case and help you get the deserved settlement.

Your Doctor Recommends Treatment

Another obstacle you can encounter after a workplace accident is the doctor recommending treatment. Medical expenses are high, and many people can’t afford to cover the cost without help from an insurance provider.

The insurance company may believe the treatments and physical therapy are unnecessary. Hire a lawyer to file a claim that ensures you’ll have the money and resources to get the medical treatment you need. The best lawyers provide free consultation to learn more about your case and how they can help you.

Your Company Drags Its Feet

If you’ve suffered an injury at work, report it immediately. Your company must provide workers’ compensation paperwork for you to fill out and file a claim. The notice of the accident starts the process from a legal standpoint.

The process should take at most 30 days to complete. If your process is moving slowly, contact a lawyer to increase the likelihood of getting the financial award you’re owed.

Settlement Doesn’t Cover Lost Wages

Lost wages are among the most significant losses you’ll experience after a workplace accident. An inability to work puts your family in a compromised situation for money, shelter, and food. Find the best workers’ compensation lawyer to represent you if you need more money to cover your lost wages.

Hire an Injury at Work Lawyer Today

Working with an injury at work lawyer is the best course after you’ve experienced a workplace accident that costs money to treat and results in lost wages. The settlement should cover all expenses.

Your lawyer will help you if the company claims the accident did not occur at work. They’ll also take your case if your employer drags their feet about filing the claim after your notice of the accident.

The legal realm is confusing and overwhelming if you’re new to it. Use your Legal guides and content for the best advice for your case today!


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