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Common HOA Rules for Lawns

When you’re part of a group, it’s important that you at least attempt to abide by their rules. Homeowner’s associations may not seem like congregations where this matters, but these organizations take their rules seriously. 

An HOA’s rules are to keep a certain aesthetic in the neighborhood. There are benefits to being part of an HOA, like access to parks and pools. Like any set of rules, breaking them can have serious consequences for you. 

We will briefly talk about the pros and cons of living with an HOA, some of the most common association rules, and what could happen if you break HOA rules.

HOA Pros and Cons

One of the biggest advantages of living in a neighborhood with an HOA is you don’t have to worry about your neighbor’s shoddy house. Homes and lawns that are in ill repair may bring down the value of the surrounding houses. 

Enforcing aesthetic rules requires that all homes adhere to a certain standard of upkeep. The disadvantage is that you’re at the mercy of someone else’s rules. HOA guidelines can be strict and stifling to some. This is why HOA election inspectors in California and many other areas are needed to ensure the guidelines are followed.

You’re also expected to pay a monthly fee to help with neighborhood maintenance and typical house bills. 

Common HOA Rules

It’s common for a homeowner’s association to have restrictions on what you can and can’t do with your yard. Lawn care is a large part of living with an HOA and can include things like specific grass heights and foliage. 

A lot of HOA’s hire companies to handle lawn care. If yours doesn’t, you can call a professional lawn care service so you meet HOA lawn rules. 

RDS Lawn Care can help keep your yard looking manicured, so you meet association standards.

Many HOA rules also restrict the kind of pet you’re allowed to have. Some dog breeds are disallowed, and livestock may not be allowed either. You can also expect some sort type vehicle regulation or restriction.

It may be that all your cars have to be in the garage, or you can have a certain number of vehicles in the driveway. Many of these rules make it easier to maintain the neighborhood and keep it looking nice for everyone.

What Happens If You Break HOA Rules? 

There are consequences if you wake up one morning and decide you don’t care about the rules of lawns your association outlined. You could find yourself barred from neighborhood facilities like the pool or tennis court.

You could face fines for breaking HOA rules or even be sued for failing to meet HOA compliance standards. 

HOA Compliance Standards Got You Nervous? 

Living with a homeowner’s association can be irritating if you don’t like being told you need a specific lawn care routine. But homeowner’s associations have their perks.

You have access to neighborhood facilities, and your neighbor has to meet HOA lawn rules. If you or your neighbor don’t follow HOA rules, you could face fines or a ban from the facilities. 

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