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Can You Use Vaping To Quit Smoking?

There is a lot of misleading information about vaping, which can make it tough to determine what is fact or fiction. However, nicotine vaping is much less harmful than smoking cigarettes. In addition, it’s also one of the most practical tools for quitting smoking altogether.

NHS doesn’t recommend vaping to those who do not smoke and young people because it is not harmless. This guide provides accurate information on vaping based on scientific evidence and research, as well as tips on how to use vape kits (alternatively called e-cigarettes or e-cigs) to quitting smoking effectively.

How Does Vaping Help You Quit Smoking?

Vape kits are devices that use heat to turn e-liquid into vapour, which is then inhaled. E-liquid contains nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, and flavourings. If you are looking for buy vape kit you should try from famous brand e.g Smok vape kit, innokin vape kit, or Aspire vape kit. These are much famous and reliable brands.

You are in control of the amount of nicotine you consume when using e-liquids, which helps to alleviate cravings. In addition, it can also assist with other withdrawal symptoms, such as being irritable or feeling low. Nicotine has been used safely in medicines for many years to help people quit smoking cigarettes.

You Can Disrupt Your Smoking Routine

Quitting smoking is never easy, but vaping can help you break the routines and rituals associated with smoking while also immediately reducing your health risks.

Studies show that people who use a vape are twice as likely to quit successfully compared to those who use other nicotine replacement products, like nicotine patches or gum.

Many find vaping suits them because the act of vaping is quite similar to smoking, plus you get comparable sensations, like a throat hit (that much familiar ‘kick’ in the back of your throat you get upon inhaling).

Although smoking is dangerous and fully reaping the benefits of vaping only happens when you completely quit cigarettes, some people make a complete switch rapidly. Others take more time.

Various Vaping Devices & e-Liquids

Not sure which vape is right for you? Check out the following list of the different types of vapes below to help you make a decision:

  • Vape bars that look like a highlighting pen (usually thrown away after one use but sometimes rechargeable with e-liquid capsules)
  • Compact pod devices come in all shapes and sizes but typically resemble a flash drive or pebble. They can be disposable or rechargeable and might even be refillable with e-liquid capsules.
  • Vape pens have tanks that you can fill with your choice of e-liquid, while others have disposable cartridges. Most have a replaceable coil and rechargeable battery.
  • “Cigalikes” are designed to look like traditional cigarettes, either disposable or rechargeable with e-liquid capsules.
  • Vape kits that can be customized to different power levels (although they are harder to maintain and more difficult to use)

Which Particular Vape Device Is Best For Quitting Smoking?

If you’re looking for a discreet vape device that produces small clouds, a pod device or vape pen might be the right choice. Starter kits come with a variety of flavours to choose from. You can choose from the other devices if you’re looking for something advanced.

In addition, you need to choose the right strength of nicotine for the e-liquid as per your needs. Start with the nicotine level that’s equivalent to your smoking habits – how much you smoke, how frequently, and what kind of cigarettes you smoke. A specialist vape shop or local Stop Smoking Service can advise you further on this.


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