Renting in Sydney – Making the Optimal Choice
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Choosing the Best Rental Options in Sydney

Australia has increasingly become a dream destination for many seeking a place to live and settle. The country offers an exciting lifestyle for a multitude of reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Natural beauty – from the City Botanic Gardens in Brisbane, or the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, to the unmatched Sydney Opera House in Sydney, there are few countries with as much to offer. Divers can experience the Great Barrier Reef, and lovers of nature can explore rainforests, national parks, coastal regions or deserts – there is something for everyone.
  • Safety and security – with a low crime rate, and stringent gun safety laws, Australia is considered to be amongst the safest countries in the World.
  • Quality of life – in Global ‘quality of life’ indexes, Australia consistently ranks near the summit, partly due to the following point below, but also due to its focus on a healthy work-life balance.
  • Health and education – healthcare and education systems in Australia are considered world-class. The country is home to many highly respected universities and institutions, and public healthcare is provided to all residents.
  • Diversity – home to people from very diverse backgrounds, living peacefully together, the diversity influences food, music, art, and festivals and provides a feeling of inclusivity to all.
  • Climate – generally speaking, the country currently experiences warm summers and mild winters, resulting in a fairly moderate climate. Naturally, in a country as big as Australia, this varies wildly, depending on the location.
  • Economic opportunities – Australia has a very low unemployment rate compared to many other nations, providing a strong economy in many industries, such as tourism, technology, and finance.

For those who do choose to live in Australia, and are looking for an apartment in Sydney for rent, or even Brisbane or Melbourne, for that matter, look no further than LIV, a brand of apartment buildings owned by the ‘Crown Group’, which is a leading property developer in Australia. There are several reasons that LIV apartments are so popular in Sydney, especially LIV Indigo in Sydney Olympic Park:

  • Location – only 15 kilometres away from the City, residents can reach the heart of Sydney within 30 minutes on a train.
  • Quality – LIV apartment buildings are known to be built using high-quality materials, using modern architecture, and innovative designs. Interiors can be expected to be stylish, with state-of-the-art appliances.
  • Facilities – boasting Olympic-class sporting amenities, a library, a caterer’s kitchen and communal dining area, yoga and fitness studio, kids’ indoor playground, and an outdoor BBQ facility, to name just a few, there’s no chance of loneliness or boredom seeping into life here. Residents can socialise and relax without even having to leave the building.
  • Potential for investment – those who opt to buy, rather than rent can also look forward to property appreciation with the right advice and support.

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Sydney, particularly LIV apartments, are in an ideal location, constructed using top-notch materials, and offer numerous amenities. Crown Group are dedicated to excellence in design and a sense of community that fosters a lively living atmosphere. With promising long-term value, opting for Sydney in Australia, particularly LIV, would guarantee convenience and luxury in one of Australia’s more vibrant cities.


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