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The Realities of Selling Your House in a Pandemic

In 2020, home sales rose to their highest in 14 years, and along with them, prices hit a record high as well. If you’re thinking about selling your house, this could be a great time to do it.

While it may be a great time to sell, however, the process is changing. Selling a house during a pandemic is different than it has been in the past, so you need to know what to expect.

Fortunately, we’re here to help. In this guide, we’ll tell you about the realities of selling a house during a pandemic.

You Can Sell Your House Quickly

It’s important to realize that homes are selling quickly these days. COVID-19 has led to low inventory and the housing market is hotter than ever. This is great news if you want to sell your house since you likely won’t have to wait very long to find a buyer.

However, you’ll want to be sure that you still follow all of the best practices for selling a home successfully to ensure that you can find a buyer and sell your home for a great price.

It may still be tough to sell a house depending on the specific circumstances of your area and the local real estate market, so you may want to consider other options. If you’re interested in selling a house as is in Tampa Bay, for example, you may want to go sell to Emperor House Buyers. 

Also, keep in mind that it’s currently very important to have a clear plan for what you’ll do next after selling a house. If your home sells very quickly, you’ll need to find a new place to live quickly.

Unfortunately, while it can be easy to sell a home during a pandemic it can be harder to buy a new one. You may have some trouble finding a new home as quickly as you would like to.

Your Listing Matters More Than Ever

While many buyers will still want to visit your home in person, many will also expect to get a deeper look at your property beforehand. 

Pandemic buyers expect to learn more about a property remotely than ever before. These days, it’s very common for sellers to create in-depth virtual tours that help buyers get a clear look at the house before setting foot in it. 

If you want to make things easy for buyers and if you want to stay competitive with other homes that are on the market, it’s essential that you create great marketing materials to add to listings.

You should have professional photographs taken and should also consider getting more in-depth media such as a virtual tour video or professional drone footage. Great visuals will make your home seem more attractive and will make it easier for buyers to get an impression of it before visiting in person.

Strangers Will Be Entering Your Home

It’s important to realize that, even during a pandemic, few people want to buy a home sight unseen.

You’ll likely need to have strangers come into your home to check out your house and view it more closely. You should keep this in mind when selling your house and should be comfortable showing a house during COVID.

As with businesses and other public spaces, you should think carefully about exactly how you’ll show the home. You may want to encourage visitors to wear masks, for example. You may also want to have a plan for cleaning your home thoroughly before and after each visit so that you and your visitors feel safe. 

Closing Could Be Slower

Something to realize about selling your house during a pandemic is that closing will often be a slower process than in the past.

Everyone that is involved with the home buying and selling process is currently working slower than they have at other times. Many are working with smaller teams or with team members who are working remotely.

Professionals such as home inspectors, movers, mortgage lenders, and others have all changed the way they work due to the pandemic. Because of this, you may find that some delays occur during the process that wouldn’t have at other times in the past.

You May Need to Include a COVID-19 Clause

Another important thing to realize about selling a home during a pandemic is that the paperwork for selling a house may now include clauses that will protect a buyer or seller in case COVID-19 causes the process to be delayed. You should consider what needs to be added to your contract as far as COVID-19-related problems are concerned.

If someone becomes sick due to COVID-19 during the home buying and selling process, a clause will offer protection. The clause will help them in case they have to cancel or delay the process. This clause will identify and address all of the potential problems that could occur due to the buyer, seller, or other involved parties such as inspectors and appraisers not being available.

Be sure to keep this type of clause in mind when writing contracts and creating home purchase agreements during a pandemic.

Understanding the Realities of Selling Your House in a Pandemic

If you’ll be selling your house in a pandemic, be sure you know what to expect. While it can be a good time to sell a home, it can be a tough time to buy one. Be sure that you know your next move before selling your house and ensure that you’re aware of the changes with the listing, showing, and closing of the home.

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