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Best Improvements to Boost Home Value in Grant County, IN

The gem of central Indiana, Grant County is known for its scenic views of low, soft hills, as well as its important paleontological discoveries. However, what its residents are most proud of are their homes, which range in style from classy colonials to cool contemporary designs. 

Those in Grant County who want to improve their home’s value have many options to them, but some of the most important include updates to the exterior and key areas of the interior. Here are the best options to get more bang for your buck in terms of property value.

New Entry Doors

A ragged entry door gives off an air of shabbiness, even if your home is well-kept and attractive. Unfortunately, many older homes have different door sizes and shapes than are available on the current market, which makes it difficult to simply pick a new door off the shelf and install it within a day. In other circumstances, you don’t want a cookie-cutter door but one that really represents your own unique style.

It can be very expensive to order a door online, and it may be hard to find exactly what you want if you don’t have a standard size. In these instances, you should search for “entry door near me” and find a reputable door installer who is willing to take special orders. They will work with you regardless of whether you need a special length or width, and they will offer a range of options that will not be available in the typical home improvement store. 

Improved Siding

Siding is a key element of a home: not only does it look attractive, but it offers essential protection from the elements. Old, damaged siding can leave your home vulnerable to water damage, which is expensive to repair; it may even lead to foundation damage if significant amounts of water pour down the sides of your home and pool around its base. 

While siding can be a little pricey, it has an excellent return on investment, as home buyers will appreciate that they will not need to concern themselves with this costly and time-intensive process for a decade or more. When possible, try to choose a high-quality, long-lasting siding such as fiber cement siding, as these options are very resilient to the weather and will provide greater protection to your home for years to come. 


Windows need to be replaced every 15 to 30 years, so if you have lived in your home for a while, it’s very possible that it’s time for a renewal. New windows with a high Energy Star rating make your home more energy efficient, which reduces your heating bills and is better for the environment; more than that, they also provide a fresh and attractive look that can make even the oldest home feel new again. 

Energy Efficient Upgrades

Continuing the vein of eco-conscious upgrades, things such as solar panels are incredibly attractive to a new homeowner. While Grant County isn’t known for its sunny skies, especially during dreary winters, solar panels can still help to reduce your reliance on fossil fuel-using electricity from the power grid, lowering your bills and helping to make the planet happier.

Grant County is also a prime location for geothermal heating, which transfers energy from the home into the earth; this allows it to discharge heat in the summer and draw up heat in the summer. The state of Indiana has a $500,000 grant program to incentivize installing geothermal energy systems in residential homes, something that can vastly reduce the cost of this incredibly useful tool. If your home’s heating system is near the end of its natural lifespan, you may consider installing a heat pump to benefit the environment and your wallet.

New Bathroom

Bathrooms and kitchens are well known as having some of the best ROI for home improvement projects, but sometimes a full kitchen remodel can be out of reach; it can cost $10,000 at a minimum to fix up your kitchen, especially if you are replacing appliances. 

In contrast, a bathroom renovation is relatively affordable, given that it is a smaller space. You may decide to put in a nice walk-in tub, fix the backsplash, or install low-flow toilets that reduce your energy bill. Even small things like a better faucet, a new medicine cabinet, or attractive tiling can make a big difference in the look and feel of this essential area of the home.

With home prices in Grant County rising, you want to give your home every chance of netting a great price on the market, and that means upping its curb appeal however possible. A fresh entry door, new siding, beautiful windows, a highly functional bathroom, and thoughtful energy-efficient upgrades will all be major selling points – and they’ll be an excellent investment if you’re not ready to sell your home, either. Renovation with intention, and you’ll be delighted with the results. 


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