3 Signs You Need to Hire a Lawyer for Your Child Custody Case

3 Signs You Need to Hire a Child Custody Lawyer

Did you know that there are approximately 746,971 divorces per year in the United States?

Divorce can be a challenging and emotional process. This is particularly true if you have children with your partner. You’ll need to put them first to ensure they get the best possible outcome from your separation.

If you’re currently involved in a child custody case, you may be wondering whether it’s time to hire a lawyer. Fortunately, we’ve put together this guide to help you know when to seek legal representation.

Read on for our top three signs it’s time to hire the best attorney for your child custody case.

1. You Believe Your Children Are in Danger

If you believe that your children are in any way at risk of abuse, you must act now to intervene and protect them. If you notice any of the following danger indicators, you should hire an attorney right away:

  • History of drug or alcohol abuse by the other parent
  • Bad parenting attitude
  • Poor living conditions at the other parent’s residence
  • Signs of mistreatment towards your children
  • Behavior changes in your children

Hiring a child custody lawyer is the fastest and most effective way of safeguarding your child. They will be able to streamline the process and get your child out of danger as fast as possible.

2. You Want the Case Settled Peacefully

Going through a divorce is a difficult time. Ideally, you want the divorce to be settled peacefully and amicably. The priority of a good child custody lawyer is to defend your position while minimizing conflict between parties.

Arranging a child custody agreement without the help of a lawyer can lead to unclear boundaries and be a cause for arguments later down the line. The best lawyer will consider the children’s needs and find a suitable solution calmly and professionally.

Even if your spouse is unreasonable, your attorney will help deescalate the situation and reach a rational agreement.

3. You’re Not a Lawyer

The average person has no chance of understanding every intricacy of child custody law. When you hire a lawyer, you don’t have to.

Hiring a local attorney is advisable because they will have a more intimate understanding of state and county laws and a relationship with the local judges and bailiffs.

A good child custody lawyer will use their expertise to uncover every aspect of your child custody case and get you the justice you deserve. Check out these child custody hearing tips for more information.

Should I Hire a Lawyer for My Child Custody Case?

So, that’s our rundown of the top three signs its time to hire a lawyer for your child custody case. Resolving your divorce or custody case with the children as a priority is essential. A good child custody lawyer can help make this happen.

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